A rave (from the verb: to rave) is a large party or festival featuring performances by disc jockeys (colloquially called DJs) and occasionally live performers playing electronic music, particularly electronic dance music (EDM). Music played at raves include house, trance, techno, drum and bass, hardcore and other forms of electronic dance music with the accompaniment of laser light shows, projected images, visual effects and smoke machines. The rave scene is mostly known worldwide for its excessive use of club drugs, such as MDMA, LSD and psychedelic mushrooms.Rave culture originated mostly from acid house music parties in the mid-to-late 1980s in the Chicago area in the United States.
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  • Can’t Rule Google? Focus on Yelp

    … local businesses. Capturing their attention could be a key to a better reputation. Watching for Pitfalls But really ruling Yelp isn’t as easy as it might seem. As a Harvard study from 2013 uncovered, something like 25 percent of the reviews submitted to Yelp are never published or recommended to users. That means a whole lot of data that could…

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    … on, and it’s how The Financial Times and The Economist now sell advertising. And it’s logical – the more time you spend reading an article, the more engaged you are with the content. No, this measurement still isn’t perfect, but it’s a big step in the right direction – the human direction. Time is our most precious commodity, and if we give it, it means…

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    … other social media networks can’t make. Google Hangouts provide for video conferencing with up to 10 people to make connections. Hangouts make business social and experiential in a very personal way. Social media maven B.L. Ochman raves, “Hangouts are arguably the best video conferencing platform ever created, and they’re free!” Take heed…

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    Every content marketer faces the challenge at some point of trying to figure out how to publish enough content to make a difference to your audience and your business. But you only have a tiny budget. And you want to maintain a high level of quality. So how do you get the volume you need at a price you can afford? Part of the answer comes down to building a volunteer army of ...

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