• SEO Friendly React.js App Architecture for Multimedia Content

    … There’s an issue with modern content creation for the web – non-technical users want to be able to create mixed media content, with the option of embedding custom components where needed. However, traditional CMS tools don’t have the middleware to support that idea. We decided to sit down and create a prototype middleware in React.js […] The post SEO Friendly React.js App Architecture for Multimedia Content appeared first on Builtvisible. …

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  • Architecture For Apps & Content in React.js

    … A post on how I’m currently building things in React.js, what’s good about React and what work there is still to do I spend most of my time building applications. By way of a brief introduction to how most of those work, the back ends consist (generally) of MariaDB with Memcache as a caching layer, […] The post Architecture For Apps & Content…

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  • React.JS: The Marketing Implications of Modern Javascript Development

    … Recently I’ve spent a lot of time developing software and working with marketers. More recently, that’s included building a front end using React.JS. The why behind React rather than Riot.JS or other similar software could itself consume an entire post, but for today we’re going to look at some thoughts on modern JS front ends […] The post…

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