The read-through, table-read, or table work is a stage of film, television and theatre production when an organized reading around a table of the screenplay or script by the actors with speaking parts is conducted.In addition to the cast members with speaking parts, the read-through is usually attended by the principal financiers or studio executives, producers, heads of department, writers, and directors. It is extremely rare for anyone not involved in the production to be permitted to attend.
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  • The Best of Copyblogger: 2014 Edition

    … Bruce parable of 2014.) And here are a few additional posts I personally loved that deserve one final shout-out (and read-through) in 2014: How to Spot the Weakest Part of Your Blog Post (and What to Do About It) How to Stand Out in a World of Dull Podcasts How to Use Customer Experience Maps to Develop a Winning Content Marketing Strategy…

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