• How to Optimize Your Email Content’s Readability

    … We’ve all heard that “reading is fundamental.” We’re going to tweak that adage a bit for email marketers and coin a new one: “readability is fundamental.” In fact, it’s probably safe to say that in terms of importance to a campaign’s success, readability is right up there with deliverability, a topic we recently covered in our recent post about…

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  • Five ways UX blends with SEO to improve a site’s performance

    … this effort with an increased time spent on the site. 2. Readability Content should aim at relevance, quality and engagement, in order to become appealing and thus, convince the users to spend more time on it. UX can enhance the appeal and the readability of a page and this may boost SEO, as the quality of the content is favouring a site’s crawlability…

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  • The Shocking Truth About This Little Thing Called Kerning

    … time you see more than one letter or symbol together, you’re seeing kerning in action. This seemingly little change — a simple presence or absence of space — has such enormous impact in every area of the Web. Kerning affects readability, and readability affects everything else. Instapage puts it like this: “[If] the kerning is too minimal your…

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