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    • How Easy is it to Make Money from Real Estate Investing?

      When it comes to generating passive income from investing, trends come and go – take what is going on with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at the moment. However, there is one truism in that everyone needs a place to live. This opens the opportunity to make money from real estate investment. Especially as homeownership rates are at their lowest level in 50-years.

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    • Zillow has Zestimate lawsuit thrown out

      Back in May, we posted how real estate site Zillow was being sued over their ‘Zestimate’ feature. The lawsuit claimed Zillow’s estimates were undervaluing the homes which were being sold on Zillow and that Zestimates were a de facto appraisal. In Illinois, where the suit was filed, all real estate appraisers have to be licensed in the state.

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  • The cost of online rental scams

    … A number of people tend to think that the real estate rental scams that take place online are no big deal. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Currently, southwestern Florida is experiencing a surge in these rental scams. The scam is the same one that’s been plaguing certain classifieds sites for years. A con artist, or artists, will copy…

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  • Realtors rebelling against Zillow over instant offers

    … Hot off of them threatening a blogger over fair use of photos (BTW, they backed down after the EFF told them they have no case), real estate website Zillow is testing a new program called Instant Offers. Zillow says Instant Offers can speed up the process of selling your home and make it a lot easier. Basically how it works is, you register your…

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  • Zillow threatens architecture blogger over house photos

    … Real estate website Zillow has threatened 23-year-old architecture blogger Kate Wagner over her use of photos from their website. Wagner was running a successful blog called “McMansion Hell” where she took the gargantuan functionless houses to task. In many of her posts, Wagner would use a dry wit and humor to poke fun at many of the design…

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  • Zillow faces lawzuit over Zesitmates

    … National real estate listing site Zillow has a feature on their site called ‘Zesitmates’. These Zestimates, as the name implies, are price estimates for real estate listings. According to their website, Zillow says Zestimates are not an appraisal, but are a starting point in determining a home’s value. The Zestimates are based on a proprietary…

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  • Could you be violating your lease by using Airbnb?

    … Could you be violating your lease by using Airbnb? As you may know, Airbnb is a service that allows you to rent out your house or apartment on a short-term basis. The problem is that if you currently rent your home you could be violating your lease by renting the property out on Airbnb. Many leases include clauses that prohibit subletting…

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  • Beware of new twist on rental scam

    … Beware of new twist on rental scam Previously, if you’ve responded to an ad for a rental property from less than reputable classifieds sites, you may have come across a certain scam. The scam artists posing as the renter would say that you can’t see the property due to dubious reasons but would ask you for a rather large deposit. An unsuspecting…

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  • How to Use Email to Boost Your Real Estate Sales

    …, hard look at your email marketing? If email marketing isn’t consistently impacting your business results, it’s time to change your approach. Let’s look at three essential emails that should be part of your real estate marketing strategy: 1. Send Out Homeowner Tips To position your business as a credible authority, focus on homeowner tips…

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  • HMS 2.0 Overhaul an ecommerce website with user-friendly purchase flow with new creative.

    …For more than 30 years, HMS National Home Warranty has excelled as an innovator in the home warranty industry. They have protected millions of homeowners and tens of thousands of real estate professionals throughout the home-selling and purchasing process by making it safer, more enjoyable and efficient. In an effort for the website to keep... View…

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  • Colorado ghost town for sale online

    … Colorado ghost town for sale online Do you have $350K burning a hole in your pocket and you’ve always wanted to live in rural Colorado? If so then do I have a deal for you. Cabin Creek, Colorado, which is 45 minutes from Denver, could be yours. The property contains five acres, a gas station with a garage, a small hotel, a diner, an RV park…

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  • Off Topic Friday: Like us on Facebook or be evicted

    … Off Topic Friday: Like us on Facebook or be evicted An apartment complex in Salt Lake City recently found themselves in hot water after giving notices to their tenants that they were required to like their Facebook page or possibly face eviction. As should have been expected, the tenants did not care for this and fired back at the apartment…

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  • Off Topic Friday: Craig’s new modest $6M NYC digs

    … to believe. Recently Craig bought a $6 Million home in New York City. According to the New York Post the modest home takes up two floors of a four-story building and has three bedrooms and 3 and a half baths in the West Village. This won’t be Mr. Newmark’s primary residence either. This will be his New York crash pad for when he’s conducting business…

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  • Don’t be left broke and homeless when looking for a place to rent

    … Don’t be left broke and homeless when looking for a place to rent One of the oldest online commerce scams is the rental property scam. How it works is the scam artist will usually copy a legitimate ad for a house for sale but will make it appear in their ad that the property is for rent, usually at a rate that is almost too good to be true. Some…

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  • Top Real Real Estate Coaching Services Reviews

    … The right kind of coaching can make a difference in your life and career. Agents and brokers who use the services of top real estate coaches and trainers are able to maximize their profits. Working with a qualified and an experienced coach in real estate helps you to find the right path and develop winning tactics. When looking for the best…

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