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    • 5 Marketing Myths That Block Your Real Estate Company’s Success

      Inbound marketing is not a fad or a trend but an approach that is here to stay in our modern digital world. No longer is marketing about broadcasting to a wide audience and hoping your message gets to your intended audience. While much marketing can be performed by the layperson with a solid plan; it is not as easy as one imagines. A wide range of skills are required to do it well.

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  • How Can A CRM and Marketing Automation Improve Your Real Estate Business

    Marketing tools and technology include a confusing set of terms to the unfamiliar. In the past, most of our tools were stand-alone tools that were not integrated across the customer’s journey nor across the company’s processes. While useful for their single purpose, they did not provide any insight or data outside the area of utility.

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  • Can You Compete on Google with Big Business?

    … Before you get upset with me on this article, please read it thoroughly. I’m not saying that Google isn’t an incredible acquisition resource or that there’s not marketing return on investment in either paid or organic search strategies. My point in this article is that big business is totally dominating organic and paid search results. We’ve…

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  • Can You Compete on Google with Big Business?

    … are gone. Good friend Adam Small runs a real estate marketing platform. He was recently in New York City at Inman Connect. Rand Fishkin of Moz was a speaker and revealed in his analysis that 5 domains ranked in the top 5 real estate searches in the top 25 markets in the United States Tweet This! In other words, if you’re a real estate company…

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  • 2017 Marketing Plan – Trends for Home Builders to Consider

    … method for builders and new home sales uses content marketing, social media, blogging, and search engine optimization to draw qualified traffic to your website and model homes. Contact Paveya today and see how our leadership and staff having over 50 years of combined real estate experience, building over 2,500 luxury homes, we not only talk the talk…

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  • 2017 Marketing Plans: What Are You Going to Do Different?

    … Template If you have not created a marketing plan, use our marketing planning templates or our marketing budget tool kit for Real Estate, Vacation Rentals or Home Builders to organize everything you will need to start your marketing journey. These templates use SMART goals; to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. SMART goals…

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  • Promote Summer Vacation Bookings Using Holiday Marketing

    …. Vacation rental companies should take advantage of the opportunity to increase reservations by creating a marketing plan to attract customers during the holidays. Below are several techniques to enhance your vacation rental marketing strategy and get results. Advanced Booking Deals People love to get a good deal and will sign up for emails that offer…

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  • How to Use Email to Boost Your Real Estate Sales

    …, hard look at your email marketing? If email marketing isn’t consistently impacting your business results, it’s time to change your approach. Let’s look at three essential emails that should be part of your real estate marketing strategy: 1. Send Out Homeowner Tips To position your business as a credible authority, focus on homeowner tips…

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  • Why Do Real Estate Agents Need to Try Contactually?

    … your business. A lead generation and internet marketing team is an asset for any real estate agency. Let Paveya show you how. From solid website design, SEO, social media management, content generation, email marketing and analysis, we get results that make a difference for your company! The post Why Do Real Estate Agents Need to Try Contactually? appeared first on Paveya. …

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  • Branding in Real Estate: 3 Important Guidelines to Follow

    … What do you want potential clients to perceive about your real estate brand? In today’s world, branding is no longer logos, slogans, and symbols that represent your company. A brand represents the values, professionalism, and integrity associated with your business. In order for a brand to be effective, the consumer should have an emotional…

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  • Video Marketing in Real Estate: What to Avoid

    … 2016 is the year of video marketing, especially for real estate agents that are technology driven. In today’s market, consumers are demanding videos and for a good reason. Eighty-five percent of buyers and sellers have reported that they want to work with an agent that uses video. Not only can you use video to attract potential clients…

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  • How to Align Marketing & Sales in Real Estate

    Traditionally, there is some friction between marketing departments and sales departments. Typically, there is also finger pointing and blame to the other department when results are disappointing. Aligning the goals of both departments is key in creating synergy to make both areas function at the top of their game.

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  • Real Estate Blog Bonanza – Use These 43 Blog Topics to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

    … are approachable. Also, your blog should capture the interest of your clients’ long term not just while they are contemplating the purchase or sale of real estate. This will put you top-of-mind when it is time for repeat business. For more information on blogging, other content marketing ideas, or tips on attracting strangers and converting them…

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  • 3 Principles of Digital Advertising Every Real Estate Agent Should Master

    … Real estate agents are nothing today without digital advertising. One’s ability to sell a home is magnified if you’re able not only to list a property online, but also market it there. The skill of digital marketing is still fairly new, so if you’ve focused on physical marketing for much of your career, the process might be a little challenging…

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  • 4 Online Marketing Tools Landlords Can Use to Fill Vacancies

    … is the right skills and tools to turn a money-wasting vacancy into a profitable rental. When you’re looking for new tenants, here are some marketing tools that can fill your vacancies in no time. Tenant Help The majority of your current tenants are online, and they can help you find new people. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective form…

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