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  • Web Marketing vs. Internet Marketing

    …: Creating a dynamic website design Monitoring web analytics Applying search engine optimization (SEO) to reach customers through organic search engine results Online advertising on search engines Email Marketing An effective email marketing campaign can include a weekly newsletter subscription, valuable offers, or interesting…

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  • How the Pigeon Update Affects Local Search Marketing

    …. In other business categories, the 7-Pack has disappeared entirely as large national directories now push out smaller local businesses, taking over all the top local listings. While there have been several tweaks to the Pigeon update since it first debuted, a general outline indicating how the Pigeon update affects local search marketing has emerged…

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  • How the Hummingbird Update Affects Your SEO Efforts

    … search for terms and use the web. To take advantage of these adjustments, website owners are going to have to make some key changes to their search engine optimization efforts The Hummingbird algorithm is a complex system that examines over 200 elements when setting its page ranking, but the most significant change is Hummingbird’s incorporation…

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  • Real Estate SEO: local SEO Marketing Tips

    … This blog focuses on Real Estate SEO: local SEO Marketing Tips. It’s no secret that homebuyers are turning to the internet for their home searches in increasing numbers; in fact, research shows that 90% of buyers now use the internet when searching for their new home, and 53% of them actually begin their search online. These figures make it clear…

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  • Real Estate SEO Tips

    Is your real estate website getting the notice it deserves? You may have the most attractive real estate website design in South Florida, but if your website is lacking the key ingredients that search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo catalogue, it is going to languish on the last page of their search results where your target clients will never see it.

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  • Real Estate Online Marketing Strategies

    … than $2500. Since the majority of real estate buyers now begin their property searches online rather than at the real estate office, a well-designed website has become one of the most effective Miami real estate marketing tools available to agents. Growing numbers of your potential clients use smartphones or tablets to perform their research; as most…

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  • Choosing The Best Real Estate Blog Domain Name

    … One of the most important decisions you face when starting a South Florida commercial real estate blog is choosing the right domain name. After all, your real estate website design will change over the years and go through multiple updates and redesigns to stay current, but a good domain name will be with you forever. While there is no one right…

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  • Blog Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

    … Florida real estate web design firm, Blue Interactive Agency is experienced at creating real estate websites that incorporate valuable interactive marketing features, such as lead generation forms, email marketing, advertising programs, social media platforms, and much more. Contact Blue Interactive Agency today at 954-779-2801 for more real…

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  • Social Media Real Estate Marketing Ideas

    … and qualifications. As you collect recommendations and endorsements that reflect your expertise, prospective clients are able to view you in the best possible light. Turn to the social media marketing geniuses at Blue Interactive Agency for more ways to supercharge your real estate marketing efforts! Speak to our talented design team about creating…

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  • Do You Track Your Real Estate Website Traffic?

    … what Broward home buyers and sellers want. With an effective tracking system in place, you will be able to measure the success of your various marketing campaigns and determine where your marketing budget is best spent, whether on an email campaign, bulk mailing, or other marketing strategy. You will also be able to tailor your Broward real estate…

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  • Why You Need A Real Estate Website

    … One of the benefits South Florida real estate brokerages like to offer their agents is the option to use a free personalized web page attached to the company’s website. While your brokerage may tout their free web pages as powerful real estate marketing tools, you need to consider whether these pages actually accomplish anything of value…

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  • Reasons to Upgrade Your Real Estate Website

    … When your South Florida real estate website was first launched, it represented the best practices in online marketing and website design. Time passes swiftly in the digital world, however, and the same website that served you so ably in the past is now keeping you from taking full advantage of the latest real estate interactive marketing…

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