• Local Listings Get a Real-Time Update from Brandify

      Brandify has released an updated location-based digital marketing solution that combines the power of tech with the authority of the human brain. The enhanced listings and syndication platform, Brandify 360, which debuts today, offers instant geocoded data distribution to ensure consistency of location placement — with location name, address, hours and photos — to 18 publish ...

      Street Fightin Paid Search- 5 readers -
  • Big Data is Pushing Marketing into Real-Time

    … Marketers have always sought to reach their customers at just the right moment – and to do so before their competitors. With the advent of the Internet and real-time analytics, the timeframe for being relevant to your customers is shrinking. Big Data is now making marketing even faster, more responsive, and more personal than ever before…

    Marketing Technology Blogin Twitter- 14 readers -
  • 6 Strategies for Segmenting Website Visitors for Real-Time Personalization

    …. “It is important to stress that you don’t need to be a big retailer to effectively implement personalization. With today’s SaaS solutions, any retailer big or small can easily start implementing personalization rules,” explains Abby Bandel of Barilliance, a firm that helps ecommerce sites provide personalized omnichannel shopping experiences. Here…

    Stephanie Miles/ Street Fight- 8 readers -
  • 7 Tools SMBs Can Use to Track Leads

    … advertising campaigns, to improve lead generation. National marketers are provided with performance data from their calls, along with caller demographic profiles. Real-time analytics let merchants identify trends and response levels by campaign. A mobile call tracking solution known as m.Call also tracks and reports calls generated by mobile search…

    Stephanie Miles/ Street Fightin EMail- 10 readers -
  • Is Customer Service a Part of Your Marketing Budget?

    … Loyalists. Facebook is going from “a record of your recent actions,” to “right now, this second, today.” Facebook’s gone real-time, to show the world what you’re doing, where you’re spending your money, and with whom you’re hanging out, and possibly most importantly, whether you’re having a good time. Again, in real-time. Ready for some strategy? After…

    Convince and Convertin Social Google Facebook Twitter- 2 readers -
  • SDL: Share Unified Messaging with Your Global Customers

    … Today, marketers who are looking for the quickest and smartest way to manage their customers’ experience turn their heads toward the cloud. This allows for all customer data to flow in and out of marketing systems seamlessly. It also means that customer profiles constantly update and customer data sets are automatically created in real-time…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blogin Content- 5 readers -
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