Real-Time Marketing

  • Big Data is Pushing Marketing into Real-Time

    … Marketers have always sought to reach their customers at just the right moment – and to do so before their competitors. With the advent of the Internet and real-time analytics, the timeframe for being relevant to your customers is shrinking. Big Data is now making marketing even faster, more responsive, and more personal than ever before…

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  • 6 Winning Social Media Tips for Sports Marketing Success

    … No field is better equipped to take advantage of real-time marketing than the sports industry. Whether fans are sharing game-time reactions on social media or checking fantasy team scores, they’re constantly connected and engaged while watching their favorite teams. And because excitement peaks in the moment, sports marketers cannot wait…

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  • The Social Significance Of Real-Time Marketing

    … ZOG Digital’s Michael Pasco discusses how brands can leverage real-time marketing to increase engagement from your brand’s social marketing strategy. This article was originally published by the Huffington Post. ——- For millennials, living in the moment isn’t possible without an Instagram post. Smartphones have revolutionized how people share…

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  • Real-Time Personalization Drives Conversion — Does Your Content Boost ROI?

    … marketing tactics such as pop-up messages, intertextual content, and strong calls to action across pages. If your digital strategy is lacking a personalized, real-time marketing strategy you may be missing opportunities to drive conversions. To develop your brand’s unique approach to creating personalized content for real-time marketing, contact…

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  • Why You Only Need Real-Time Digital Marketing Tools

    … digital marketing tools and solutions that it can be hard to grasp where to even begin shopping and evaluating, let alone making a purchase decision. Allow me to offer a starting point: For every tool that you’re going to purchase (even just to try), its output must be in real-time. There are two reasons for this real-time approach: 1. People…

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  • Report: Only 4% of Marketers Can Respond to Breaking News and Trends in Real Time

    … not actively responding to trends and news on social media. Most marketers don’t use specialized social tools for executing social campaigns and most social campaigns aren’t integrated into wider marketing strategies. All this leads to limited timely content. Still, many marketers are increasing their budgets for real-time, perhaps to combat the lag…

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  • 3 Free Twitter Tools for Killer Real-Time Marketing

    … Twitter is a unique and potentially valuable marketing channel for many reasons, not the least of which is its real-time nature. A Twitter timeline is never curated or sorted – users see every single tweet sent by the people and businesses they follow, as they are tweeted. Here are three tools, all of which are free or offer free trials…

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