Realpolitik (from German: real "realistic", "practical", or "actual"; and Politik "politics", German pronunciation: [ʁeˈaːlpoliˌtɪk]) is politics or diplomacy based primarily on power and on practical and material factors and considerations, rather than explicit ideological notions or moral or ethical premises. In this respect, it shares aspects of its philosophical approach with those of realism and pragmatism. The term Realpolitik is sometimes used pejoratively to imply politics that are coercive, amoral, or Machiavellian.
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    …. How did this whole thing start? While many of the issues around GamerGate have been percolating for a while, the whole thing can be pinned to a few recent events. In August, Eron Gonji wrote a lengthy post about his relationship with indie game developer Zoe Quinn, whom Gonji said had a romantic relationship with a freelance games reporter…

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