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  • 2017 Content Marketing Resolutions

    …, not the right stuff. Content metrics must move from what we can measure to what needs to be measured to drive profitable business. I like Rebecca Lieb’s content marketing metrics framework. It includes a variety of key elements to assess content marketing effectiveness. Since you may find this approach too complex to implement, start small with these…

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  • Content Marketing Definition

    …-author with C.C. Chapman of Content Rules 26. Content marketing is using content to build a relationship with your audience over time so you are top-of-mind when your product or service can solve their problem. Erika Heald 27. What in sales & marketing isn’t content marketing? Sales voicemails, your trade show booth… I like Ann Handley’s…

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  • Brand Newsroom 85: Metrics Marketers Overlook

    … Global content marketing expert Rebecca Lieb is this week’s guest on Brand Newsroom, as the team discusses the performance of content marketing. ROI, Rebecca says, is about way more than just sales. A strategic advisor, research analyst, keynote speaker, author and columnist, Rebecca specialises in digital marketing and media…

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  • 3 Ways Business Blogging Yields Measurable Results

    … content from scratch. (See Rebecca Lieb’s point 4 below.) 2. Blogs increase content distribution and support social media As a key element of your overall marketing and content marketing plans, it’s critical to promote your blog posts. Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Nelson Publishing, the largest independent US book publisher believes consistency…

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  • Repurposed Content VS Repromoted Content

    … content discussion often gets muddy. Repurposed content vs repurposed content definitions To clarify the challenge, let’s define repurposed content and repromoted content. Repurposed content definition Reuse your existing information and marketing collateral to update and give it new life for targeted platforms and audiences. Rebecca Lieb applies…

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  • Improve Your Content Marketing To Drive Performance

    … B2B Content Marketing research. Get the tools you need to measure your results in place before you start your content marketing. If not, you’re headed for failure. Measure your progress against your past performance to assess real progress. Content Marketing Strategist Rebecca Lieb defined a 6 key metric content marketing ROI framework. Brand…

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  • 3 Content Marketing Opportunities You Are Missing

    …. Hat tip to my editors Rebecca Lieb and Anna Maria Virzi. (BTW—I’d love to write another column.) Be a source. Often this requires a good PR team to get you high visibility mentions. If you’ve got a small budget, sign up for HARO to connect with people seeking your expertise. 2. Publish content on social media platforms Content marketers only focus…

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  • 5 Ways You Can Win Big With Content Marketing Reuse

    … that interest your customers and attract prospects may be limited. Therefore Wheatland believes in creating at least 20 pieces of content from each idea. 2. Rebecca Lieb, author of Content Marketing refers to content reuse as “recombinant content.” While Thanksgiving turkey” is the main event, leftovers get transformed into other turkey meals…

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  • 50 Quotes That’ll Make You a Better Content Marketer

    … Content marketing may be the hot new trend in the content marketing world, but it’s also the underdog—the discipline with the least budget, most doubters, and highest degree of difficulty when it comes to doing it well. But when you’re doing it well, it’s also an incredible amount of fun. As David Carr said, “Creating media content is a diverting…

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