• Netra Visual Intelligence: Monitor Your Brand Visually Online

      Netra is a startup developing Image Recognition technology based on AI / Deep Learning research conducted at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Netra’s software brings structure to previously unstructured imagery with some amazing clarity. Within 400 milliseconds, Netra can tag a scanned image for brand logos, image context, and human face characteristics.

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  • Visual Communication is Evolving in the Workplace

    … This week, I was in two meetings with different companies this week where internal communications were the focus of conversation: The first was Sigstr, an email signature marketing tool to manage email signatures across the company. A key issue within organizations is that employees are focused on their job responsibilities and don’t always…

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  • Street Culture: Multi-Location Brands Connect Employees With Beekeeper

    … employees who tend to be somewhat volatile in a high-turnover position.” One way to combat high staff turnover is a more personalized approach to employee recognition, but many companies don’t have the ability to communicate with employees to achieve this. The Beekeeper company feed can contain tips and training information from an invaluable source…

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