• Facebook Begins Prefetching to Improve Mobile Site Speed

    … Facebook announced Wednesday that it will begin prefetching, or preloading advertiser sites, in order to boost its mobile performance and ease users’ frustration with slow load times. The social network also revealed in a Facebook for Business post that website landing page speed will become a factor in deciding which ads to show in order…

    David Cohen/ AllTwitterin Facebook- 13 readers -
  • Finally, It’s Time to Retire Your WWW

    … to https. If you’re accepting any data on your site, I’d encourage you to make the move as well. 301 Redirects – Gary Illyes announced that 3xx redirects no longer lose authority. So, it’s time to retire that www subdomain and push your traffic to your domain. We’re now just without the www! 30x redirects don’t lose PageRank…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 11 readers -
  • Getting Bulk PA Data for 404s with URL Profiler

    … founders), I thought it’d be a good idea to throw it up as a quick blog post. The challenge – 404orama! I have a client who – despite only having a 1,000-page website – has over 5,000 404 (Page Not Found) errors associate with it. Over 5,000! (Pity it’s not over 9,000, otherwise I could use this. Anyhow…) The number is so high due to a variety of reasons…

    SEOnoin SEO- 17 readers -
  • Referrer spam in your analytics

    … reported data in Google Analytics. Understanding Referer Spam and How to Deal with it What is a referrer? The HTTP referrer is a HTTP header field that is sent when a browser goes from one page to another. When a user clicks a link, the user’s browser makes a request to the server that holds the desired web page. That request includes the HTTP…

    RefuGeeks- 25 readers -
  • Why Google Dislikes Zombie Sub-Domains

    … redirect from a non-existent or miss-typed sub-domain to the appropriate URL (e.g. the root of the TLD). Figure 1.0 demonstrates how it would work properly if you want to redirect incorrect URLs to your main site (my preference): Here is where it can go ALL WRONG: In Figure 2.0 each zombie sub-domain creates another unique path to the same content…

    Ross Dunn/ The SEM Postin Google- 10 readers -
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