• Facebook Begins Prefetching to Improve Mobile Site Speed

    … rendering time. Improve server response time by utilizing multi-region hosting. Use a high-quality content delivery network to reach audiences quickly. Remove render-blocking JavaScript. Readers: What are your thoughts on Facebook’s efforts to improve its mobile experiences for advertisers and users? Image courtesy of Shutterstock. …

    David Cohen/ AllTwitterin Facebook- 16 readers -
  • Finally, It’s Time to Retire Your WWW

    … Sites like ours that have been around for a decade accumulated rank on pages that have sustained incredible traffic over the years. As with most sites, our domain was In recent years, the www has become less prominent on sites… but we kept ours because that subdomain had so much authority with search engines. Until…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 24 readers -
  • Getting Bulk PA Data for 404s with URL Profiler

    … I’ve been using URL Profiler on-and-off for a few months now, mainly for full-on link analysis – especially when it comes to penalty removal and disavow work. However, as I’m sure other folks have discovered, there’s a few other cheeky ways that the software can be put to good use. I found one, and after a chat with Patrick (one of URLP’s founders…

    SEOnoin SEO- 19 readers -
  • Referrer spam in your analytics

    … reported data in Google Analytics. Understanding Referer Spam and How to Deal with it What is a referrer? The HTTP referrer is a HTTP header field that is sent when a browser goes from one page to another. When a user clicks a link, the user’s browser makes a request to the server that holds the desired web page. That request includes the HTTP…

    RefuGeeks- 33 readers -
  • Why Google Dislikes Zombie Sub-Domains

    … redirect from a non-existent or miss-typed sub-domain to the appropriate URL (e.g. the root of the TLD). Figure 1.0 demonstrates how it would work properly if you want to redirect incorrect URLs to your main site (my preference): Here is where it can go ALL WRONG: In Figure 2.0 each zombie sub-domain creates another unique path to the same content…

    Ross Dunn/ The SEM Postin Google- 12 readers -
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