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Referral marketing is a method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals, usually word of mouth. Such referrals often happen spontaneously but businesses can influence this through appropriate strategies.
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    • How SMB Networking is Driving More Referral Marketing

      When Eric Groves left his job at Constant Contact in 2011, he took six months off to go on a quest – a research mission to better understand the problems of small business owners. “I wanted to understand small business customers, where they come from, where the best source of new customers was coming from,” Groves says.

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  • 5 Referral Marketing Tips You Can Adopt From AirBNB

    … or hospitality, there are still immense lessons to be taken from AirBNB’s referral marketing strategy. 1. Personalization It’s no secret that email marketing is infinitely more difficult in 2017 than it was 15 years ago – primarily because people are highly accustomed to receiving low value, spammy marketing emails on a daily basis. Receiving a generic…

    Lawrence Tamin EMail- 22 readers -
  • Street Culture: After Layoffs Break Down Culture, Extole Works to Build It Anew

    …, and it’s certainly still a work in progress. Even now, Extole has a lackluster Glassdoor rating of 3.1 out of 5 stars, with several harsh and very recent reviews citing the culture specifically. But Roche noted the same key to company culture that many executives know to be essential: employees who fit in. “One of the hardest problems when it comes…

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  • Why Peer-to-Peer Marketing Does More Than Celebrity Endorsements

    … The New York Times once declared that nothing sells like celebrity, but that article was written in 2008. Celebrity endorsements don’t pack the same punch they used to. As cool as they are, celebrities can’t totally convince people that they actually like the products they endorse. That’s why their ads are being replaced by influencer…

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  • CEI 087: Unstoppable Business Referrals with Steve Gordon

    … is the author of the new book Unstoppable Referrals, and – as you can guess – it’s all about how to develop a steady stream of referals to your business, without feeling scammy. Plus, we’re including access to an email marketing worksheet that’s usually only available to our Audience Business Masterclass students. So let’s get started! All you…

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  • How To Use Email Effectively

    …. What is awesome, is that if you perhaps do not hit the nail on the head with the person receiving the email, they will market FOR you by perhaps sending this email on to someone they KNOW will want you product. This is referral marketing at its finest. Try integrating email into your company and product platform, and you will see sales numbers continue to rise. Don’t believe me? Prove me wrong! Get John Chow’s eBook and Learn How To Make Over $100,000 a Month …

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  • How Referral Marketing Can Make You Money

    …, increases engagement, and for not a few firms, ultimately improved the bottom line. What is referral marketing? Referral marketing refers to a company’s ability to use customer referrals to increase sales and improve brand image. While it can take a number of different forms, it always uses direct customer interaction to push the brand or a specific…

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