• PMA Members Stand for Net Neutrality

    … Members of the PMA who stand in favor of net neutrality. The post PMA Members Stand for Net Neutrality appeared first on The PMA…

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  • Financial reform: Friend or foe to fintech startups?

    … companies do things automatically. There are no people in many processes. The biggest impact to this space would be that they do need people in order to check off the box that says they’re in compliance. People continue to innovate and create really awesome tools through technology. The regulations will drive whether they can do that without people…

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  • The Waze Effect: Flocking, AI, and Private Regulatory Capture

    … (image) A couple of weeks ago my wife and I were heading across the San Rafael bridge to downtown Oakland for a show at the Fox Theatre. As all Bay area drivers know, there’s a historically awful stretch of Interstate 80 along that route – a permanent traffic sh*t show. I considered taking San Pablo road, a major thoroughfare which parallels…

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