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    • How Can Online Customer Reviews Positively Impact Your Business

      In this era of the Internet, the fact is that having a strong online presence is of an essence. How do you take care of your website? You design the perfect experience, implement customer testimonials, etc. Furthermore, you make yourself seen and approachable on social media profiles. You also keep your Google business listing up to date.

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    • Yelp Reviews: Why Small Businesses Should Care

      You’re probably familiar with Yelp if you’re a small business owner. The user-generated recommendation site – with over 115 million reviews and 145 million monthly users –has become the initial step for potential consumers seeking trusted information about a new retail store or service. It is also the first place customers goto vent out about a business they perceive as ‘not good enough.

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  • 5 Fun Ideas for Incentivizing Your Marketing Team

    … Your marketing team will always play a significant role in the success of your business, so you will want to put in the effort to keep them at their best. One of the most effective ways to inspire your team to stay on top of their game is to offer fun and creative incentives. Doing so will provide them with an extra boost of motivation…

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  • 5 Types of Corporate Training Your Company Should Consider

    … New college graduates often quip that they’re excited to exit the classroom and enter the “real world.” It’s true that joining the workforce generally means learning on the job rather than sitting in a lecture hall. But make no mistake: education is still an important component in employee development and company advancement. Here are five types…

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  • How To Craft Irresistible Email Subject Lines To Boost Your Business

    … E-mail marketing is far from dead. It is still growing rapidly and a major vehicle for generating revenue. Sending regular emails out to your database of loyal subscribers and potential customers can be profitable. It can also be a waste of time if your subscribers do not bother to open the emails you put so much time and effort into producing…

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  • Registration Now Open for Inbound 2018

    … marketers and industry enthusiasts attended Inbound in 2017 and over 250 educational sessions were held. Keynote speakers and sessions have yet to be announced for Inbound 2018 but if last year’s event serves as any indication of things to come, then Inbound 2018 will be bigger and better than ever. Inbound will be jam packed with even more…

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  • Forget Customer Service! Customer Experience Is the New Normal

    … reap tremendous benefits. As far as interaction is concerned, there is a multitude of touch points that make an important impact to set a stage for building a relationship between a company and customer. This relationship ensures that every touch point comes with a positive experience. While creating an improved CX from end-to-end is the topmost…

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  • 4 Lessons to Help You Market like a Rock Star

    … the authenticity of the message straight from the band. That organic relationship allows the audience to bond with the musicians through an unspoken conversation. The band might alter its set list on the fly to match audience requests, or it might play with more or less intensity, depending on the audience response. On the surface, concerts don’t seem…

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  • 7 Healthcare Marketing Trends You Should Be Aware Of

    …, consumers will not trust the marketers. More skillful marketers know that establishing a personal foundation with consumers will build not only trust but help develop business. Social Media Messaging Customer interaction has always been one of the best ways to market medicine. Speaking to patients directly helps create a relationship…

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  • 10 Essential Tools for Your Growing Business [Infographic]

    … No matter what the rate, a business needs the right combination of tools to grow better. This article provides you with a shortlist of tried-and-tested solutions for this very purpose. But before anything else, it is important to note that checking the network latency in your workplace location is imperative. After all, the examples below…

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  • Ten Tips to Build Online Reputation

    …. Blogs are a depiction of your knowledge and highlight your thought leader personality. Theygive you space to discuss your products or services in detail and let your audience know how you are better than your competition. Manage social media Today, everyone is on social media. It is the best relationship-and trust-building platform. Sharing…

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  • How Exit Strategies Can Help Build Your Digital Business

    …. Most brokers aren’t interested in that. They built their business around entrepreneurs coming to them when they’re ready to sell, not talking someone into selling a business that they may still be passionate about. Brokers know about the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that goes into building a successful business. They know what it means…

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  • The Powerful Potential of Personalisation in Digital Marketing

    … Personalisation in an analogue world existed when the guy at the video store knew your name. As we move into an increasingly connected and switched-on digital age, personalisation is a powerful tool where a company knows what you want to buy before you’ve even thought about it. While basic personalisation is relatively easy to achieve – an email…

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  • Here’s How These Social Media Hacks Can Increase Your User-Base

    … In this digital era, it’s become easier for brands to promote their offerings on social media. On the other hand, it can also be harder for brands to master the real art of engaging with users, fostering a relationship with followers, and conveying what their audience wants. To help all businesses out, in this post, I’ll discuss some easy…

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  • 5 Digital Marketing Tactics to Explode Your Direct Mail ROI

    … Paid Media, Relationship Building Remember that Dad joke of throwing the flurry of junk mail that’s piled up on the doormat over his shoulder to the tune of ‘garbage’ or ‘trash’, or something far more offensive? Yes, that old story. Direct mail certainly got a bad rep for a while as we dreaded the run-in with our morning newspaper. Coupled…

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