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    • 10 Essential Tools for Your Growing Business [Infographic]

      No matter what the rate, a business needs the right combination of tools to grow better. This article provides you with a shortlist of tried-and-tested solutions for this very purpose. But before anything else, it is important to note that checking the network latency in your workplace location is imperative. After all, the examples below are powered by the cloud and the internet.

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    • Here’s How These Social Media Hacks Can Increase Your User-Base

      In this digital era, it’s become easier for brands to promote their offerings on social media. On the other hand, it can also be harder for brands to master the real art of engaging with users, fostering a relationship with followers, and conveying what their audience wants. To help all businesses out, in this post, I’ll discuss some easy and quick social media tricks that you ...

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    • The Powerful Potential of Personalisation in Digital Marketing

      Personalisation in an analogue world existed when the guy at the video store knew your name. As we move into an increasingly connected and switched-on digital age, personalisation is a powerful tool where a company knows what you want to buy before you’ve even thought about it. While basic personalisation is relatively easy to achieve – an email with a first name will just abou ...

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  • Ten Tips to Build Online Reputation

    …. Blogs are a depiction of your knowledge and highlight your thought leader personality. Theygive you space to discuss your products or services in detail and let your audience know how you are better than your competition. Manage social media Today, everyone is on social media. It is the best relationship-and trust-building platform. Sharing…

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  • How Exit Strategies Can Help Build Your Digital Business

    … Picture this. A broker enters into a large conference and networking event, and begins talking to the attendees. Inevitably, the conversation is going to turn to asking the broker what they do for a living. Whenever they answer “buy and sell websites”, the attendees are always quick to jump to replying with “mine’s not for sale”. This happens…

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  • 5 Digital Marketing Tactics to Explode Your Direct Mail ROI

    … Paid Media, Relationship Building Remember that Dad joke of throwing the flurry of junk mail that’s piled up on the doormat over his shoulder to the tune of ‘garbage’ or ‘trash’, or something far more offensive? Yes, that old story. Direct mail certainly got a bad rep for a while as we dreaded the run-in with our morning newspaper. Coupled…

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  • When are you going to write a book, you putz?

    … Content Strategy, Relationship Building Published 1 min ago | By: Brian Sooy Not every pitch from a publisher for a major piece of content marketing begins with, “When are you going to write a book, you putz?” Mine did. Here’s what I would do differently the next time I write a book. This is hardly the way I imagined the process of writing…

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  • Does Influencer Marketing Actually Work?

    … Influencer Outreach, Relationship Building You’ve been reading about influencer marketing, and wondering if it was the right approach for your company. As one of the latest technologies out of the marketing box, it has a pretty good track record, but it has to be used properly to get the best results. If, by some chance you’re not familiar…

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  • How Relevant is Social Media to Freelancers?

    … Relationship Building, Shared Media If you’re self-employed, you’ve probably researched marketing on the internet. In fact, you’ve probably searched “internet marketing” using so many keyword variants that you’d make a thesaurus proud. You already know what your research has told you. You’re supposed to build a brand, sell yourself until…

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  • The Benefits of Creating Software Training Videos for Customers

    … Since the internet is global, and the number of mobile devices is rising into the billions, there’s a huge potential market for your software product. Even if you’ve targeted the right user demographic, the biggest barrier in generating sales is that users just aren’t familiar with the new release. They just don’t understand the benefits…

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  • The Benefits of Creating Software Training Videos for Customers

    … Since the internet is global, and the number of mobile devices is rising into the billions, there’s a huge potential market for your software product. Even if you’ve targeted the right user demographic, the biggest barrier in generating sales is that users just aren’t familiar with the new release. They just don’t understand the benefits…

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  • Cut Through the Noise: 4 Tips to Monetize Content

    … At no other time in history have people enjoyed such freedom to express their ideas to the world. It takes more than two hands (and two feet, for that matter) to count all the platforms now available to share a thought, opinion, update, or nugget of advice — and that photo, of course. But such saturation poses a problem for many publishers…

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  • How to Build Deeply Personal Relationships with an Online Audience

    …, building this personal relationship is still something that proves elusive for even the best in the business. Why? For one, many marketers just don’t know quite how to move the relationship to a more personal level with blog posts and articles. Another reason it’s just not clicking? It’s possible marketers and communicators are focusing more…

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  • 10 Google+ Tools for Smarter Marketing

    … 70% of business brands have a presence on Google+. The platform many marketers ignore is a gold-mine for those who are leveraging it in their marketing strategy. If you are not using Google+, you are losing traffic and customers. The +1 button on Google+ is clicked more than 5 billion times a day. You can get your slice of those +1’s…

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  • 10 Tips for Effectively Collecting Feedback in Online Ordering Funnels

    … I often talk about the ‘Three Pillars’ of online customer feedback (collecting, analyzing and action) and undoubtedly without the initial stage of collecting the right feedback on your websites and apps; the whole exercise is futile. Collecting the right customer feedback in your online ordering funnel takes careful planning and a firm…

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  • 4 Content Marketing Strategies to Forever Change Your Business

    … There are two universal truths that will determine your start-up from the very beginning: a) developing an excellent product is not in itself sufficient for guaranteeing success, and b) as in all business ventures, the resources available to invest in marketing are very thin, perhaps better put: nonexistent. In order to successfully hurdle these…

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  • How Content Recommendation Creates Better User Experience

    …, I love my faith, parenting tips, and anything technology – so that’s a few of the customizable interests I would use. We will be rolling it out to across our entire 200 Billion recommendations a month in the upcoming weeks.” Giving users the power to customize the content recommendations they receive builds a stronger relationship between…

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  • How to Get Your Customers to Write Rave Reviews about You

    … I almost never visit a restaurant before reading its reviews online, and in a city with plentiful dining options, I can afford to be choosy. Don’t have more than three stars? I’ll probably skip it. Don’t have more than 50 reviews? I can find plenty of others that do. Sites like Yelp have completely changed the way restaurants need to think about…

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