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  • As Social Platforms Replicate Features, Where Should Brands Put Content?

    … all, is a central hub for photo albums, marital status declarations and where a simple “like” can get consumers 10 percent off their next shopping trip to Banana Republic. More recently, however, social platforms have been looking to one another to identify the next big trend in user experience that might enable them to rise above their competitors…

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  • Free Demographic Reports? Thanks Facebook!

    … Did you ever want to get a good demographic profile of your customers or email subscribers? Companies pay quite a bit to send out their lists to companies to match and profile the email addresses on them. The truth is, you don’t have to, though! Facebook for Business has very robust reports – and they don’t cost you a penny. Utilizing…

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  • INFOGRAPHIC: Happy Valentine’s Day from Facebook IQ

    … of the Facebook Valentine’s Day stats included in the infographic are: More than 1 million U.S. users changed their relationship statuses within four days of last year’s Valentine’s Day — 146,000 to engaged, 339,000 from in a relationship to single and 335,000 vice versa. The state with the highest percentage of married U.S. Facebook users is Utah, while…

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  • A.1. Proves That Clever Posts Work On Facebook

    … If you think the only way to win on Facebook is by mastering cat memes, you're wrong. Although many believe writing is a dead art online (thanks to content mills), at least one company is proving that misguided mentality wrong with an advertising campaign that hinges on clever, creative copy: A.1. Original Sauce. Asking questions is a typical…

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