Renewable Portfolio Standards

A Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) is a regulation that requires the increased production of energy from renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal. Other common names for the same concept include Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) at the United States federal level and Renewables Obligation in the UK.The RPS mechanism generally places an obligation on electricity supply companies to produce a specified fraction of their electricity from renewable energy sources. Certified renewable energy generators earn certificates for every unit of electricity they produce and can sell these along with their electricity to supply companies.
Posts about Renewable Portfolio Standards
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    … as 330+ solar installation companies operating in Arizona today. Renewable Portfolio Standards Make Room for Solar in Arizona Many states have adopted a policy tool known as Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), which allow for increased adoption of technologies like solar. Arizona is no exception, and has implemented an RPS (adopted in 2006…

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