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    • Google Data Studio: Revisited

      February 13, 2017 Last year Google launched Data Studio in beta. We did a write up of our initial thoughts of the platform. While the idea behind it was good, there were some bugs that popped up here and there, especially when it came to adding data sources. You were also limited to only five reports with the free version. If you have more than a couple accounts to work with, this isn’t ideal.

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    • Stop Wasting Time on PPC Reporting – Use Custom Dashboards Today

      February 10, 2017 As we move into a new month, the joy of end-of-month reporting is still fresh in my mind. Each report is its own animal with varying platforms, date ranges, charts, metrics, you name it. However, the common denominator that I think we can all agree on is that each report takes time. Whether it is daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.

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  • Work Smarter, Not Harder – Using Google Sheets for PPC

    … updates. Closing Thoughts For clients that require special reporting, Google Sheets paired up with Supermetrics might be a great choice. While we all love the automated reporting that some platforms provide, sometimes they can be limiting in their abilities. Google Sheets has some great functionality with query functions and the ease of sharing that make it a great productivity tool. What do you use Google Sheets for? …

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  • Telling Your 2016 PPC Story Through Reporting

    … December 30, 2016 As the countdown to 2017 continues, sticking with the theme of wrapping up 2016 seems fitting. While PPC will continue full speed ahead going into 2017, one thing won’t change and that’s the performance of your PPC account in 2016. You may be thinking, “2016 was an amazing year, bring on the comparisons.” On the other hand…

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  • How Storytelling can Up your PPC Reports

    … December 2, 2016 Regardless if your role is as a consultant, member of an in-house marketing team or part of an agency PPC staff, reporting is an inevitable part of your job. If you are one of the fortunate individuals, the receiving end of your reporting efforts might have a general understanding of paid search. But, for most of us… that’s why…

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  • Are You Thinking Of Account-Wide Goals? Let’s Change That Mindset

    …?, is it pages visited? should they be hitting a certain page?). Be sure to send users in the research stage to more research-oriented pages and not just PPC-specific pages with lead forms. These are all items you need to be thinking about. In this scenario is there a perfect answer? No. With all of the attribution models available, I think…

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  • How To Master Bing Ads Reporting

    … November 28, 2016 As we reach the end of the year, reporting is going to play a key role in the next several months as we look back on 2016 and plan for 2017. Previously, I wrote about 3 Ways To Improve Your Bing Ads Reporting Skills. Then a couple weeks ago I had the privilege to speak on a Bing Ads Webcast about reporting with MJ DePalma…

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  • Use The AdWords Reports Tab With Authority

    … account, you have probably seen the Reports tab, nestled between Opportunities and Tools. Google has spent some time refining this tool, attempting to make the interface more intuitive to the average user. They have made great strides and in this post, we will review how to create a report and give you ideas for the type of analysis you can do without…

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  • Escape Your PPC Data Rut With These Four Reports

    … a given campaign. Depending on the industry and amount of conversion volume your account is handling, you can find certain instances where mobile vastly outperforms desktop. In this example, you can determine if you should eliminate targeting desktop traffic altogether. This is one report you should look to take advantage of in Bing, and could lead…

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  • Creating A Full Funnel Marketing Strategy With AdWords

    …. Different platforms can be used to market to different levels of the funnel. For example, targeting the top of the funnel can be effectively done through social media, blogging, viral video campaigns and also offline promotions like TV and radio. The middle of the funnel would utilize tools like email marketing, SEO, SEM, content marketing etc…

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  • Using Google Analytics for AdWords Conversion Tracking

    … Everyone accepts the tenet that conversions matter. Any successful marketing campaign needs some form of conversion tracking, whether they are sales, leads, or e-mail sign ups. Most often accounts default to utilizing the AdWords conversion code. This simple to implement code automatically fires anytime someone reaches a certain stage…

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  • DIY: Easy URL Tracking

    … and Gemini. All four platforms are considered part of paid search. I can see not only how they compare to each other, but also how their combined paid search numbers compare with other channels, like organic or referrals. All About The Revenue For me, revenue on its own sells it. Not all platforms offer tracking beyond conversions. When all your…

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  • Introducing the Stockton Report: Find Keywords with Hidden Value

    … PPC Hero series week wraps up today as Kevin looks at how to find keywords with hidden value. Take a look at all report focused posts this week, including Carrie’s take on location extensions, Jacob’s assessment of the destination URL report, Kayla’s look at how to use client service reports to improve retention, and Rachael’s insight into two…

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  • Use The Destination URL Report To Find Your Best Landing Pages

    … PPC Hero series week continues as we review how various reports can help you achieve your account goals. Yesterday, Carrie took a look at better reporting for location extensions. Today, Jacob dives into the destination URL report to find your best landing pages. The destination URL report, one of the many facets of the dimensions tab…

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