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    • Use The AdWords Reports Tab With Authority

      September 26, 2016 When I talk to people in any industry about reporting, after I pause for the obligatory deep sigh, the most common response I get is, “there is just so much information.” We have all been there, drowning in a sea of numbers and not sure how to best answer the questions that have been asked of us.

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  • Escape Your PPC Data Rut With These Four Reports

    … a given campaign. Depending on the industry and amount of conversion volume your account is handling, you can find certain instances where mobile vastly outperforms desktop. In this example, you can determine if you should eliminate targeting desktop traffic altogether. This is one report you should look to take advantage of in Bing, and could lead…

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  • Creating A Full Funnel Marketing Strategy With AdWords

    … as standard. Unfortunately this means that only the source of the last click before a conversion is attributed to the conversion. This isn’t going to work here, because we need to understand what parts of the purchase funnel are driving value at what stages before the last click. For example, refer back to the businessman travelling on the train…

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  • Using Google Analytics for AdWords Conversion Tracking

    … Everyone accepts the tenet that conversions matter. Any successful marketing campaign needs some form of conversion tracking, whether they are sales, leads, or e-mail sign ups. Most often accounts default to utilizing the AdWords conversion code. This simple to implement code automatically fires anytime someone reaches a certain stage…

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  • DIY: Easy URL Tracking

    … to be created. The Google URL Builder is a tool that will add custom parameters to the end of your URLs. The website URL, campaign source, campaign medium and campaign name are the only necessary parameters, though additional ones can be added for ad groups, keywords and any other distinguishing parameters that you would like to add. There is another…

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  • Introducing the Stockton Report: Find Keywords with Hidden Value

    … key Analytics reports. AdWords is full of useful reports, available at just the click of a button. My fine colleagues have spent the week guiding you down these fruitful thoroughfares towards optimization. John Stockton is a hall of fame basketball player, known primarily for holding the NBA record for assists. It’s unlikely that John Stockton…

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  • Use The Destination URL Report To Find Your Best Landing Pages

    … PPC Hero series week continues as we review how various reports can help you achieve your account goals. Yesterday, Carrie took a look at better reporting for location extensions. Today, Jacob dives into the destination URL report to find your best landing pages. The destination URL report, one of the many facets of the dimensions tab…

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  • 10 Reasons You Will Save Time and Money with DoubleClick Search

    … Filters Example Executive Reporting Reporting is a major component of any bid management tool. Automated reports can save agencies and in house paid search teams massive amounts of time. DoubleClick Executive reports are easy and intuitive to build and maintain. You can create multiple tabs and copy and paste charts, graphs, and entire reports…

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  • PPC – The Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Marketing

    … performing ads will be seen more Rotate indefinitely – Ads will always be rotating evenly Technical PPC Conversion Tracking Advertisers have the ability to create conversion goals in order to gauge account performance. Both platforms provide code snippets that can be placed on key pages— generally order confirmation or thank you pages. Advertisers…

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  • [New Webinar!] Seven Secrets To Beating Competitors on Google and Bing

    … Let's face it, paid search is a war. The competition on Google and Bing is fierce, and search marketers are looking for any advantage to drive more quality conversions for less. But while everyone tracks clicks and online conversions to optimize campaigns and bidding, many ignore the single best way to beat competitors: tracking phone calls…

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