Repurposing Content

  • 10 Ways to Repurpose Your Content for Email Marketing

    … into something brand new. Here are ten ways to do just that. 10 ways to repurpose your content for your emails 1. Create roundups from previous blog posts “You can create a theme and then pick the content that fits before you send the email,” suggests Autumn Rivers at The Marketing Scope. “This way, your old blog posts have a new purpose, and you…

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  • 5 Magical Tactics for Repurposing B2B Marketing Content

    … of information to prospective customers, many B2B marketers are repurposing. Content repurposing doesn’t always create a very good user experience. Common tactics include things like creating 5 versions of an ebook using different keywords in the titles and changing up examples or deconstructing a large white paper into 15 blog posts covering…

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  • Dos and Don’ts for Repurposing Content Across Channels

    … of your investment. So for many of us, repurposing content across channels is a great solution. The trick is determining what content works on what channels. When in social, keep it social When a customer opts-in to receive email messages from you, they won’t be surprised to find some product messaging. But things are a little different in the social…

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  • Do You Suffer From a Fear of Duplicate Content?

    … don’t engage in any “black hat” SEO practices. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to worry about being shut down by Google. This is particularly true about the content you repurpose and post on platforms other than your own site. When I shared the results from my recent survey on repurposing content, I mentioned that after “lack of time…

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  • Liven Up Old-Hat Content: 4 Ways to Find a New Twist

    … Barbara’s small audience had heard it all before. Her message was the epitome of ho-hum. Bo-ring. I’m talking boy-do-my-cuticles-need-a-trim boring. Except that it wasn’t. Coming from her, that same-old-same-old content, typically delivered as a mindless spiel, had us all looking straight at her. Barbara is a flight attendant. She was talking…

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  • Are You Delivering the Best Content Your Audience Wants?

    … of repurposing content. Now, it’s time to find out exactly what that niche audience, and you, want to know about repurposing content. So guess what? I’ve created a simple, four-question survey on Google docs. It will take less than two minutes to complete and will help me help you with why, what and how to repurpose your valuable, evergreen content. Loading…

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  • Repurposing Your Content – 13 Ways to Increase Your Visibility

    You have an editorial calendar and you publish articles on your blog consistently on a regular schedule. Check. Your blog has beautiful social sharing buttons that you can customize and as soon as you publish, you share your blog posts to all your social networks. Check. You use a social media management tool like Buffer, Hootsuite or Tweet Jukebox to queue up and reshare yo ...

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  • The Art of Repurposing Content

    …, eBook or a report and see a single content object capable of a certain amount of contribution to generating traffic and inquiries. Another person might look at those content objects and see a variety of repurposing options, some duplicative and some personalized for specific audiences in order to increase efficiency as well as relevance. What I’m…

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  • How to Reach More of Your Target Market By Repurposing Your Content

    Multiple Uses For The Same Content = Repurposing Your Content We all want to get the most “bang for our buck”, right? Well that also holds true for getting the most out of our valuable content. We all know that “content is king” and you are the queen of your content with the authority to delegate that content to various mediums of communication.

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