Reputation Management

    • The ABCs of Reputation Management for Brands

      You’d be surprised. Every multilocation brand today has a social media agency or department, and most, though not all, are running some type of local listings management program, whether internally or with a partner. But plenty of brands are neglecting to do anything about online reviews of local stores.

      Damian Rollison/ Street Fight- 11 readers -
  • Call Management, Tracking and Forwarding and What It Means for Your Business

    … You’d think we would have mastered answering the telephone by now. Are you one of the businesses that’s been putting 86% of consumers on hold when they contact you? Local businesses spend a lot of time and money generating phone calls. So if your phone’s ringing off the hook, it’s money well spent, right? Not [...] Read More... The post Call Management, Tracking and Forwarding and What It Means for Your Business appeared first on Dex Media. …

    Dex Media- 16 readers -
  • Give Yourself Some Credit: The Actual Impact of Small Business Awards

    … Bragging about your business can feel awkward. That’s because most of us don’t exactly feel comfortable singing our own praises. But when it comes to your business, the person best qualified to boost your reputation locally is…you. So it’s time to give yourself a pat on the back and let your community know how great [...] Read More... The post…

    Dex Media- 14 readers -
  • A Look at Your Business, According to Yelp

    … If you don’t know Yelp from a business listings or marketing perspective, you probably have used it as a consumer. If you’ve ever searched for a new dinner spot near you or used an app to find a new happy hour bar before 5 p.m. rolls around, it was most likely Yelp that helped you [...] Read More... The post A Look at Your Business, According…

    Dex Media- 8 readers -
  • Flip the Script: Use Online Listings to Counteract Negative Reviews

    … Even if your business has 4 or 5 stars online with most of the online listings sites, most small business owners are haunted by a few negative reviews online. This is a sore subject, we get it. You put a lot of work into making your business run smoothly, so we can guess how most negative [...] Read More... The post Flip the Script: Use Online…

    Dex Media- 10 readers -
  • The most effective ways to respond to negative reviews

    … Customer reviews are one of the most important pieces of your marketing campaign, and research has indicated they may have significant impact on your ranking in search. In fact, 84% of consumers trust an online review as much as they would a personal referral. However, not all reviews are positive. At some point throughout the history of your…

    Amanda Disilvestro/ Search Engine Watch- 23 readers -
  • Top 25 Inbound Marketing Articles – Week of 06/16/17

    … user friendly from Anurag Gupta’s blog. Emma Miller highlights how influencer marketing and user generated content are impacting the field of Mobile Marketing in the year 2017. Search Engine Optimization: Learn how techniques such as creating dedicated long form Content, changing URL structure and reducing site load time can improve your SEO…

    UpCity Daily Tipsin Mobile EMail Content- 20 readers -
  • #SFSNYC: How SOCi Ties Local Reputation and Social Media at Scale

    … Streams of commentary flooding social sites can carry loud, powerful messages, but at the same time it might seem like an overflow of information for local marketers. A high volume of reviews and feedback give voice to customer sentiment, especially at a national or global level. The trouble is sorting out how those comments relate to individual…

    Street Fightin Social How To's- 19 readers -
  • #SFSNYC: Chatmeter on Why Local Reputation Management Matters for Brands

    … Well-known brands may have national, or even global platforms and campaigns for reaching out to customers—but none of that matters if the company does not know what customers think of their local stores. Staying in touch with local sentiment and perception can be more complicated for larger enterprises that might not notice every comment…

    Street Fight- 18 readers -
  • Top 25 Inbound Marketing Articles – Week of 05/26/17

    … Be Part of Our Roundups! For members of our Top Local Agency community, submit your marketing articles for consideration in our roundup by tagging your posts #toplocalagency on Twitter! This week’s roundup includes tips to create a strategy for cold Email Marketing, use Online Reputation Management as a marketing strategy, and increase…

    UpCity Daily Tipsin SEO Mobile EMail Content- 29 readers -
  • Top 25 Inbound Articles – Week of 04/28/17

    … Be Part of Our Roundups! For members of our Top Local Agency community, submit your marketing articles for consideration in our roundup by tagging your posts #toplocalagency on Twitter! This week’s roundup includes tips to conduct a Social Media audit, incorporate today’s SEO principles into Content Marketing, and avoid mistakes that can…

    UpCity Daily Tipsin SEO Mobile EMail Content- 19 readers -
  • Could Chipotle Have Saved Millions of Dollars By Taking Online Reviews More Seriously?

    … reputation management. For example, a social media manager is expected as a part of their job to sensitively address negative reviews so to better the perception of the business and brand. While this is an important task, there is another name for it: firefighting. But changing the way we think about online reviews could save businesses money. Indeed…

    Street Fight- 34 readers -
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