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In the U.S., "professors" commonly occupy any of several positions in academia, typically the ranks of assistant professor, associate professor or full professor. The same terms are used outside the U.S., although often denote different roles from in the U.S. system.Research and education are among the main tasks of professors with the amount of time spent on research or teaching depending strongly on the type of institution. Publication of articles in conferences, journals, and books is essential to occupational advancement. As of August 2007 teaching in tertiary educational institutions is one of the fastest growing occupations, topping the U.S.
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    … Research professor Sebastian Thrun, who founded Google X, the company's research lab, and helped develop driverless cars and Google Glass. #### MIT: Introduction to Microeconomics Length/Start date: Self-paced Time commitment/prerequisites: The course is taken entirely independently. It's the first…

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