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  • The B2B Email Marketer’s Playbook

    … was designed to show B2B marketers how to incorporate elements like personalization, live data and contextual targeting into an email to create an unbeatable customer experience. We’ll walk you through creating welcome and conversion emails, as well as an event email series that will help you create an app-like experience right in the inbox. Download your copy now. …

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  • New eBook: Social and Email Work Better Together

    … Email is the number one digital marketing channel for most marketers when it comes to clear ROI, but social media is clearly the winner in terms of audience engagement. With so much marketing power behind both channels, it makes sense to combine the two to create stand-out, cross-channel experiences. But true integration of social into email…

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  • [Infographic] Get Ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2015

    … an infographic to show what we learned over Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2014, and how you can apply these learnings to 2015. The data speaks for itself: Key takeaways: send out deals early and make sure your emails are responsive. Curious for more? Stay tuned for further holiday updates from Movable Ink! This entry was posted in Contextual Marketing, Email Marketing, Research & Resources and tagged content marketing, contextual marketing, Email Marketing, research on Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 by Leah Kovach.…

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  • [RESEARCH] Email. Social Media. Together?

    … When marketers think about email marketing and social media marketing, they don’t often think of the channels as a cohesive unit. In a lot of companies, the teams are split up. Sometimes, the email team will be in the marketing department and the social media team will be in the communications department. Either way, email and social are often…

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  • [INFOGRAPHIC] Email Vs. Social Media

    This is a guest post from Devesh Khanal of Devesh Design. Here’s the truth: Your social media following will not grow your revenue. Relying on social media to drive sales is a mistake for a lot of online businesses. Take Morgan, for example. Morgan wants to start selling her handmade soap online. Her local vendors regularly sell out and now she wants to share her product with the world.

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  • [GUIDE] 10 Killer Instagram Marketing Strategies

    … Maybe you’ve started an Instagram page for your brand, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve already had success with it. Either way, when it comes to Instagram marketing, there are countless opportunities for customer engagement and sales… and things are really just getting started. Just a few weeks ago, Instagram officially unveiled the first round…

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  • 65% of Consumers Still Want The Traditional Retail Experience

    … not be able to find in a nearby store. Overall, though, mobile devices are still very much shopping companions, rather than shopping destinations. TimeTrade’s research found that, among consumers using their phones in a shopping cycle: 50% research products 60% compare prices 46% look for the nearest store location The real opportunity…

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  • Travel Industry Email Marketing: Timing, Frequency, Content

    … This is a guest post from Carl Sednaoui of MailCharts. As the summer heat rises, so does the need to get consumer’s attention. In this post we’ll explore some of our favorite Travel and Hospitality emails from May. Before diving into the emails, let’s go over some industry stats. On average, companies sent just above one email per week…

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  • The 4 Biggest Takeaways from Google’s “Micro-Moments” Research

    … activities. Here are the top biggest takeaways from Google’s research: 1. Smartphones are Personal Sales Consultants. As soon as customers step into a store, retailers have to make an impression. But now, brands have to find a way to get onto the smartphone screen. Google found that 82% of smartphone users turn to their phone to influence a purchase…

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  • 5 Next-Gen Emails from Lenscrafters, eHarmony, and More

    … heights. Want to learn more? Download the Inkredible5, Spring Edition! You’ll see examples of how brands like Lenscrafters, eHarmony, Nickelodeon, and others are using contextual marketing to build engaging email experiences that boost click-throughs and the bottom line. This entry was posted in Case Studies, Research & Resources and tagged case…

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  • [RESEARCH] The Least & Most Mobile Industries for Email Marketing

    … Every quarter, we conduct email marketing research across more than one billion emails and compile the US Consumer Device Preference Report. Specifically, we analyze how people are opening emails and which devices they’re using to do it. Last quarter, we discovered that almost 67% of emails were opened on mobile devices. In our Q1 2015 research…

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