• A Social Media Audit Template and Guide for Marketers

      Conducting a social media audit is a key part of a social media marketing plan. This assesses how well your current social media use works for you. There are a number of different steps involved in this process, so we have put together a social media audit template to help you conduct your first (or second, or third…) one more efficiently.

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    • Top 5 Human Resource Tools

      HR tools can reduce your hiring and staff management costs Few small businesses can afford the overhead of a dedicated HR department. Although ...

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  • 8 Writing Tools for Crafting the Perfect Social Media Post

    … Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Okay. As a social media marketer, there’s a good chance you aren’t penning from a typewriter. We also hope that wherever you do pen from, it’s blood free. Even so, you get the point. Writing is hard. Writing is also a skill that social…

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  • Land Your Dream Job in Social Media: Resume Template, Tips, Resources

    … (version no. 3) Happy job hunting. Learn the social media marketing skills you need to land your dream job with free training from Hootsuite Academy. Get Started The post Land Your Dream Job in Social Media: Resume Template, Tips, Resources appeared first on Hootsuite Social Media Management. …

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  • A/B Testing on Social Media: How to Do it with Tools You Already Have

    … A/B testing as a marketing strategy goes way back to the days before the internet even existed, when direct mail marketers used it to conduct small tests on a tiny fraction of their contact lists before committing to the massive cost of printing and mailing a campaign. It was a time-consuming process, since they had to start their tests many…

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  • The Best SEO Tools for Social Media Marketers

    … Search engine optimization is probably one of the most misunderstood marketing practices today. According to Hootsuite’s resident SEO expert, Zak Ramdani, “Most marketers tend to think of SEO like they think of the ozone—they know it’s important but they don’t really understand it.” So… what is SEO and why does it matter? Ramdani, also known…

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  • The 11 Best Tools and Apps for Snapchat

    … Over 160 million people a day use Snapchat to send or view videos, photos, and messages. That makes it one of the most popular social networks, especially with millennials. These and other users love Snapchat’s immediacy and sense of fun. It’s easy to share and comment on rough and ready, snack-sized pieces of content—or Snaps—with groups…

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  • Top 5 Web Development Tools

    …Awesome web development tools to give your website an edge Developing a new website for your business is an exhilarating experience. You need to work through designs for all the pages your site needs and decide how visitors will move from one page to another. You may decide to pay for expert skills…

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  • Top 8 ECommerce Tools

    …ECommerce Tools That Will Get Your Business Online People with the entrepreneurial spirit come up with great ideas, but then sometimes encounter technological and psychological barriers that stop them implementing these ideas. You may have turned your enthusiasm to eCommerce a few years ago, but then found it all too complicated and just given up…

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  • Top 6 Technology Tools

    …Improve your website with the latest technology tools You might be pleased with your company’s website and think it is performing well, but do you know for sure? Even a website that brings in sales could be improved to bring in more sales. The only way to discover whether your website is doing the best…

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  • Sources for Online Editing Jobs

    …A guide to different places to find online editing jobs Are you an editor looking for work? Searching for places to find online editing jobs? Well, you’re in luck, because job seekers are no longer restricted to traditional job-seeking methods. These days, one way (if not the main way) to find online editing jobs is […]…

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  • 4 Online Marketing Tools to Enhance Your Brand

    …Boost your online presence and find more clients If you run a business, then you already understand the importance of marketing. Nowadays, marketing is more than cold calling or direct mail campaigns. To really make an impression, you need to establish a solid online presence and a high level of engagement with your audience…

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  • Top 6 Business Tools

    …Improve your efficiency with the latest business tools Whether you are a sole trader or a growing concern, chances are that you never seem to have enough time to complete all the tasks your business demands. Technology helps the entrepreneur expand his or her efficiency to stretch those precious hours. You can improve your own…

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  • The Social Media Survival Guide Your Boss Needs

    …, humanize their companies, and—in no small way—steer the direction of their industries. For them, social media isn’t a vanity play or a place to “share breakfast photos.” It’s the ultimate growth and productivity hack: a channel where a modest investment of time and resources yields outsized returns. A quick read for busy bosses I realize that lots…

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  • 6 Tips for Designing Highly Effective Facebook Cover Photos

    … How much thought did you put into your last Facebook cover photo? If you’re like most small business owners, you probably didn’t put much thought into it at all, which is a shame. Your Facebook photo represents a huge piece of real estate on your Facebook page, yet many businesses flat out waste it. Not only should your cover photo look nice…

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  • How to Measure Social Engagement: Meaningful Relationship Moments

    … In social media marketing, you hear over and over again that engagement is key to business success. But what’s the best way to measure your social media engagement? Tracking things like the number of comments on a post or the conversation rate are good places to start, but they fail to capture the heart of what engagement sets out to do: forge…

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