• Social Media Image Sizes: A Quick Reference Guide for Each Network

      James Mulvey, a fellow writer here at Hootsuite, once said: “Unlike spandex, social media is not one-size-fits-all.” Despite feeling uncomfortable about picturing my colleague in spandex, I think this quote rings true in every way. Each social network has its own nuances and specifications—especially when it comes to images.

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    • YouTube Hacks: 15 Tricks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

      Like any social media marketer, a big part of your success relies on how well you know the channels you deal with. With social video quickly becoming one of the most powerful ways to engage audiences, knowing how to stealthily navigate video tools can be the difference between making it as a viral star or getting stuck as a social wall-flower.

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    • 6 Brand Certifications to Make You a Better Social Media Marketer

      As new technologies are being introduced in the workplace, the skills needed to make the most of them are changing as well. Playing catch-up has proven to take a toll in the job hunt, as current employees and recent graduates struggle to find the skills required to stay competitive. Nearly eight in 10 middle-skill jobs now require digital skills here’s what you can do to bridg ...

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  • What We Learned from Our Top-Performing Social Media Posts

    … When you’re struggling to come up with new, exciting social content, it’s helpful to look back at your “North Star”—a past post that was really successful. By understanding what went well and why, you can set guidelines that will help you consistently produce high-performing content. We chatted with our social team about Hootsuite’s top…

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  • Are you ready for National Small Business Week?

    … According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), April 30 – May 6, 2017 is National Small Business Week (#SmallBusinessWeek if you’re thinking ahead). This yearly event recognizes businesses like yours, and gutsy entrepreneurs like you, for your contributions to your local community, your local economy and local jobs. Fun fact: More…

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  • 6 Places to Buy Cheap Ads Online (That You Haven’t Thought Of Yet)

    … enough to work for most businesses. 1. Rent someone’s land With Syndicateads you can buy ad space, rent email lists, and gain social media promotion from industry publications such as Search Engine Journal, CodePen, and LaughingSquid, as well as social reading sites like Digg and Pocket. How much will it cost? Prices range from $350 to $4,500…

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  • A Social Video Toolkit to Save You Time and Money

    … If you aren’t already incorporating social video into your marketing strategy, it may well be the technical side of things that’s holding you back. After all, while 84 percent of professional marketers have recently used video marketing, according to Animoto, only 55 percent of small and medium-sized business owners have done so. While…

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  • LinkedIn Analytics: A Guide for Marketers

    … we care about metrics? Hootsuite’s senior manager of customer success, Gerard Recio, says it best: “Without measuring your social media efforts, how are you able to tell if your social strategy is working? Use analytics to establish baseline targets, then create short and long term goals to work towards.” We’ve given you the rundown for analytics…

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  • How Walk Off The Earth Gained 636 Million Views With Low Budget Videos

    … It’s the dream of all marketers: create low budget videos, upload them to YouTube and Facebook, and build a global audience of raving fans. Lots of people talk about it. Lots of blogs write about it. But the indie band Walk Off The Earth did it. In 2006, Walk Off The Earth was an unknown band from Burlington Ontario. But their creative cover…

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  • 5 Expert Tips For Presenting Social Media Data Effectively

    … Hopefully you’ve established the social media metrics that matter the most for your business (and if not, we can help you figure out the ones that do). Now you’re thinking about how to present the results to someone else—your manager, an executive in the company, or a client. In order to sell the value of social media, you need to know how…

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