• An Epic Guide For Creating Social Media Visuals

      You and I both are constantly trying to keep up with social media platforms competing for our attention. I’m also guilty of spending hours a day on my phone scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, lurking various accounts and liking their visuals. But one sleepless night I came across social media visual gold. A creative studio’s Instagram account called Dschwen popped onto my radar.

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    • Not Sure What to Post on Social Media? 10 Content Ideas That Work

      Every social media manager has been there. You know you should post something but are fresh out of interesting ideas. What will my audience care about? How many times have I done the same thing? The more urgent the need to post something is, the more blank your mind becomes. This cheat sheet of engaging social media content ideas will help you beat that dreaded writer’s block.

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    • 13 Social Networks That Are a Big Deal in Non-English Speaking Regions

      Want to reach a truly global audience? We all know the big name social networks for English-speaking audiences—Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.—but what about ones that are popular in other regions around the world? There are lots of social networks used around the globe that can teach us a thing or two about e-commerce, virtual reality, and the future of messaging.

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  • Top Pinterest Demographics That Matter to Social Media Marketers

    … It’s official, Pinterest is now a bonafide social media star. Boasting some 150 million users, the once cutesy platform has morphed into a social media powerhouse, popular amongst individuals and businesses alike. And considering it only debuted in 2010, it’s done so with astonishing speed. Long adored by brides-to-be and foodies, Pinterest…

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  • Top LinkedIn Demographics That Matter to Social Media Marketers

    … There is no social network more catered to business professionals than LinkedIn. Whether you’re a recruiter looking for top notch prospects, a content creator looking to publish an article, or a marketer hoping to reach the most valuable audience, LinkedIn is a powerful platform. Before you begin your social strategy, it’s a good idea…

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  • The Small Business Guide: Tips and Tools for Building Your Business

    …This small business guide is the perfect reference for small business owners who must navigate marketing, accounting, sales, and customer service. Don’t waste time toggling between tabs when everything you need to know is in one convenient location! Business Writing Resources It’s Just an Email…Right? 5 Types of (Not So) Professional Emails Top 7 Email Marketing […]…

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  • A Long List of Twitter Statistics All Social Media Marketers Should Know

    … When crafting a marketing strategy, data is your best friend. Knowing exactly who is using a particular social network—and what they’re looking for when they do—is key to creating a social presence that creates engagement, brand awareness, and even sales. Here, we dig deep to uncover all of the most important Twitter statistics for social media…

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  • The 10 Best Social Media SlideShares of 2016 to Get You Ready for 2017

    … to be rising to its peak — 83 percent of marketers said they’d like to create more video content if they didn’t have restraints such as time and resources. This is the slide deck that viral video creator Karen Cheng used at her Weapon of Mass Distribution 2016 talk on making viral videos. There’s a 30-minute recording of her talk if you are curious…

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  • 7 Brands Leading the Way in Social Customer Support on Twitter

    … Responding to customers on social is no longer a luxury, it’s essential to the success of your business. Around 67 percent of consumers in the U.S. now turn to social media for customer service requests. Brands that deliver on these expectations are winning out—both in terms of customer advocacy and year-over-year revenue growth. But it’s…

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  • The Ultimate List of LinkedIn Statistics That Matter to Your Business

    … There’s no better place to connect with business professionals than on LinkedIn, the most popular social platform for professional networking. Using LinkedIn for your business can be tricky, but with some research you can direct your strategy in the right direction. Continue reading for the LinkedIn statistics that matter to your business…

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  • The Social Media Glossary: 226 Essential Definitions

    … A lot can change in a year, especially in the world of social media. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the terms and slang used with the introduction of new technologies and platforms, so we decided it was time to update our Social Media Glossary. Like previous editions of the glossary, this is a living document that will continue…

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  • Becoming an Editor or Proofreader: A Comprehensive Guide

    …As long as there are people writing, there will be a need for editors and proofreaders. However, becoming an editor or proofreader requires patience, skill, and a thorough understanding of what these professions involve. The following list of resources is designed to answer all your questions about training to become an editor or proofreader…

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  • Influencer Marketing on Social Media: Everything You Need To Know

    … world of digital relationships, word of mouth extends well beyond recommendations from friends and family into the realm of influencer marketing. In fact, research from Twitter shows that 49 percent of consumers seek purchase guidance from social media influencers, and 20 percent said that a Tweet from an influencer inspired them to share…

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  • A Long List of Instagram Statistics That Marketers Need to Know

    … that prove just how essential Instagram is to marketers today. Instagram usage statistics Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users It’s the first question any manager will ask about a social network: are people actually using it? With Instagram, you can respond with a resounding yes. With 500 million monthly active users and counting…

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