• Shoemaker Kickers capitalizes on FOMO to spur purchases

      The owner of the Kickers shoe brand, Pentland Brands, wants to make shoppers so concerned about missing out on items on its sites that they feel compelled to make purchases. The questionable morals surrounding this approach aren’t lost on the retailer, but it argues that plenty of honest ways exist to capitalize on people’s fear of missing out.

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    • How Red Wing Shoes Finds Its Stride in Brand Marketing

      It is hard to find a more personal product than footwear, especially when a worker’s safety depends on it. For Red Wing Shoes, a maker and seller of work boots, its brand is literally with its customers every step of the way. The company’s boots are worn by landscapers, farmers, loggers, miners, and workers in many other industries where footwear is not just a fashion statemen ...

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    • How Retailers Can Prevent Losses From Showrooming

      Walk down the aisle of any brick-and-mortar store and chances are, you will see a shopper with their eyes locked on their phone. They may be comparing prices on Amazon, asking a friend for a recommendation, or looking up information about a specific product, but there’s no doubt that mobile devices have become part of the physical retail experience.

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  • Amazon looking to branch out into ticket sales

    … war between the two competing outlets which could mean lower ticket prices for consumers. On the other hand, Amazon doesn’t seem like they care for competition. If you’re a frequent reader of our blog we’ve posted a number of stories about Amazon’s continued march through many avenues of retail space; this would just be one more foothold…

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  • Office supply giant now testing same-day delivery

    … With the return of back to school season, a number of us start shopping for school supplies for either ourselves or are kids. While the office supply market used to have a number of options, in recent years it’s come down to a choice between two retailers. Now, one of those retailers is seeking to gain an upper hand by offering same-day delivery…

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  • L’Oreal UK is shifting some of its search budget to Amazon

    …, those shoppers often research and compare products on platforms and across other retailers. “We’re seeing people initially go to Amazon to find out information about a product before then jumping outside of that to YouTube, where they can see how to apply those products,” Buckley said. “Then, they’re moving on to Google to compare that same product…

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  • Can supermarkets save the mall?

    … We’ve discussed the decline of the American mall many times before. Thanks to all in one retailers like Wal-Mart and giant online sites like Amazon, mall after mall have been shutting their mirrored doors in the wake of these giant merchants. It almost seems like the only use for malls anymore are for YouTubers to explore dead malls. Now…

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  • Why do we hate Wal-Mart but love Amazon?

    … blog The Next Web poses a very poignant question. Why do we despise Wal-Mart while Amazon is just as guilty of being cutthroat in the retail world? Think about it for a moment, Amazon started off selling books. Add that to the advent of Amazon’s e-reader, The Kindle, and now you would be hard-pressed to find a physical bookstore. Amazon has also…

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  • What does Amazon’s deal with Sears mean?

    … Apparently, Amazon wasn’t happy with raining just on Blue Apron’s parade. Yesterday, they rained on a massive parade led by Home Depot and Lowe’s after they signed a new deal with struggling retailer Sears. Amazon will soon be selling Kennmore appliances, Sears’ flagship brand of appliances that still carries some sway in the retail space…

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  • How Gwynnie Bee, Framebridge and Marshalls Drive Sales with Mobile Video Ads

    … also seeing the time-saving benefits of the framing service. Framebridge’s advertising team is able to harness the impact of video ads, while forgoing the hassle of extensive video production, with this sleek slideshow ad. Marshalls sticks to one theme It’s important to keep your video ads simple, especially when trying to reach mobile audiences. One…

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  • The road to Amazon’s retail dominance goes through Blue Apron

    … the subscription meal services. However, you may want to try them while you can as Amazon seems poised to put the stake through Blue Apron’s heart. On the heels of Amazon’s pending purchase of Whole Foods, the online retail leader has not only announced they will be starting their own subscription meal service, but they’ve also filed a patent for a meal…

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  • 3 Holiday Shopping Trends Retail Advertisers Need to Know

    … It may be July, but it’s already time for marketers to start planning for the holiday shopping season. The holidays provide retailers with a tremendous opportunity to not just drive a record number of sales, but also grow their customer base to drive a year-round increase in profitability. Facebook IQ got a head start preparing advertisers…

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  • In the battle for supremacy, is one retailer fighting to survive?

    … While Amazon and Walmart continue their battle of the retail titans, another player has entered into the fray and thrown down the gauntlet towards its larger opponents. While never far from the consumer conscience, eBay is not the retail stalwart that it once was. However, recently, they have thrown what could amount to as a monkey wrench…

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  • What Happens to Local Data When Physical Stores Close?

    … More than 8,600 brick-and-mortar stores are expected to close this year, up from 2,056 in 2016 and 5,077 in 2015. But long after the doors have been shuttered for the final time, much of the local data for those stores remains online. For national chains with hundreds of storefronts spread across the country, outdated location data can lead…

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