Retail Experience

    • How Retailers Can Prevent Losses From Showrooming

      Walk down the aisle of any brick-and-mortar store and chances are, you will see a shopper with their eyes locked on their phone. They may be comparing prices on Amazon, asking a friend for a recommendation, or looking up information about a specific product, but there’s no doubt that mobile devices have become part of the physical retail experience.

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  • 3 Keys to Modernizing In-Store Experiences… and Revenue

    … my way back to that corner of the store, picked up my Tide, and walked the circumference… where all the healthy, fresh stuff is. I grabbed a Starbucks, took a break, and then checked out. The in-store experience had two-thirds of the way to being perfect. This infographic from Moki is based on Forrester’s The Future of the Digital Store. It points…

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