• Retargeting Done Wrong: Marketers Are Sacrificing Serious Revenue

    … U.S. retailers are leaving $5 billion in revenue on the table Here’s an elephant in the room: CMOs are allowing their marketing vendors and teams to focus on advertising metrics that may not mean anything to their business. When I talk to marketing executives of large online retailers, I ask a lot of questions about revenue and budgets to get…

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  • RetargetLinks: Target Ads to Third-Party Sites You Share

    … As your brand becomes an authority online, it’s not expected that you rewrite and publish every piece of news that’s published out there. In fact, many sites and resources have much more authority than your brand. Since they did such a fantastic job, sharing their articles will help build your credibility and authority online. Of course, what…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 17 readers -
  • Why Ecommerce Marketers Should Avoid Ad Retargeting’s Black-Box

    … Display retargeting has been described as “the sledgehammer of the web”, hitting shoppers over and over with ads for a product they looked at once. While some consumers may be annoyed, online retailers continue retargeting as an advertising tactic because it works. Studies have shown these ads, which are individually targeted and fully…

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  • Spend Less on Retargeting, Get More from Your Ad Budget During Holidays and Beyond

    …-backed media buys while everyone else is wastefully tossing money around. Be a smart holiday advertiser With the holidays representing 20-30% of annual sales for retailers, according to the NRF (National Retail Federation), it’s a critical time — so critical, that many brands will tolerate wasted advertising spending. Perhaps it’s better to hit too…

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  • Why Retargeting Providers Don’t Help You Deliver Net New Revenue

    Here are two gripes that unify all marketers: First, there’s limited time to accomplish the tasks at hand, and second, as marketing efforts advance the list of tasks gets longer every year. Lack of time and an expanding workload have given rise to specialized services that help make a marketer’s life easier by removing the burden of being responsible for every function in the marketing funnel.

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  • Why Battle Over Advertising Attribution When Incrementality Can Win the War?

    … always been difficult to measure and optimize. Instead, marketers turn to attribution models that try to paint an accurate picture of how online advertising truly pays off. Unfortunately, they all fall short in multifaceted campaigns. The attribution mess When you take a closer look at the most common attribution models used in digital…

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  • Why Every Digital Advertiser Needs to Test Like a Scientist

    … Advertisers have long been nicknamed “mad men.” But in the data-driven digital age, perhaps “mad scientists” is a better moniker. There is indeed a strong parallel between scientific testing and advertising testing. When doctors and medical researchers look to evaluate the effectiveness of a new treatment, a randomized controlled trial…

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