Revenue Management

  • Strategies to Improve your Hotel’s Impact on TripAdvisor

    … and are involved with the overall process of their stay at your hotel. A TripAdvisor study shows that hotels that respond to at least 50% of customer reviews are 24% more likely to have a room booked. It is important that hotel management responds to negative reviews as much as they reply to positive ones. No matter how bad a review is, hoteliers should…

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  • Why Millennial Travelers are Important

    …, many hotels are changing their marketing strategies to cater to the needs of Millennial travelers. Don’t underestimate this generation: besides the fact that the millennial population is 80 million strong, there are a few other reasons why marketing to Millennial travelers will be advantageous for your hotel. Travel site has already…

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  • The Art of Overbooking

    … One thing all hoteliers have in common is the desire to sell rooms. All of their marketing efforts are aimed at putting heads in beds and growing their revenue because room nights are a perishable commodity- every unoccupied room is revenue that cannot be made back. Even with enough reservations to fill a hotel, there are always last-minute…

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  • Changes to the Way Guest Shop for Hotels

    … aspects of their business. Revenue Managers take note, your direct competition is no longer just the hotels down the street, but now can be any vacant condo in your area. The post Changes to the Way Guest Shop for Hotels appeared first on E-Marketing Associates - Online Marketing Products for Independent Hotels. …

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  • Revenue Management for the Busy Hotelier

    … For smaller properties, General Managers have so many responsibilities that they can’t focus their attention for too long on any one aspect of their property. Typically they are the ones to cover shifts when their desk staff calls out, or the one running to the hardware store to pick up maintenance supplies. With their attention divided so often…

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  • Pricing Strategies Worth Testing

    … It’s no secret that price is one of the biggest factors guests consider when shopping for a room. Trying to set those prices to remain attractive and still profitable can be a challenge. Price rooms too low and you’re missing out on revenue, price rooms too high and your potential guests might walk to a competitor. It’s difficult to find…

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  • How Hotels Can Increase Occupancy during Low Peak Periods

    … Every hotel in the business experiences fluctuation in the market depending on the season and demand. With seasonality and varying market conditions, hotels will experience slow periods at point or another. During these low peak periods, revenue managers make the common mistake of lowering hotel rates in order to fill rooms and increase occupancy…

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