• ICANN feeds troll, refuses to censor “rip-off” web site

      ICANN’s board has rejected a formal demand that it “take down” the web site RipoffReport.com in what is possibly the strangest Request for Reconsideration case it has considered to date. The almost 20-year-old site hosts reports from consumers about what they consider to be “rip-offs”. It’s seen its fair share of controversy and legal action over the years.

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    • ICANN’s Empowered Community to get its first test-drive after appeals panel vote

      ICANN’s post-transition bylaws have only been in effect for a few months, but the board of directors wants to change one of them already. The board last week voted to create a new committee dedicated to handling Requests for Reconsideration — formal appeals against ICANN decisions. But because this would change a so-called Fundamental Bylaw, ICANN’s new Empowered Community ...

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  • .hotel losers gang up to threaten ICANN with legal bills

    … registry operators, because of its access to sensitive business information They also think that HTLD being given .hotel despite having been found “cheating” goes against the spirit of application rules and ICANN’s bylaws. The RfR (pdf) also draws heavily on the findings of the IRP panel in the unrelated Dot Registry (.llc, .inc, etc) case, which were…

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  • Spurned applicant crowd-funding to fight ICANN for .gay gTLD

    … was removed, the letter notes. The applicants called on the board to meet again soon to make a decision. After the board processes the RfR, .gay would presumably go to auction. Whether the auction resulted in ICANN pocketing the cash (as dotgay claims) or being distributed between the three losing applicants remains to be seen. Whether the auction…

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  • Registries rebel against ICANN’s Whois upgrade decree

    … with the “RDAP Operational Profile for gTLD Registries and Registrars” is required for all gTLD registries in order to achieve consistent labeling and display. The RySG argues in its RfR (pdf) that implementing RDAP was never part of the community-endorsed plan, and that it is not “commercially feasible” to do so right now. The 2012 new gTLD Registry…

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  • dotgay loses third .gay appeal

    … the company an unprecedented third go at the Community Priority Evaluation process. CPEs allow community gTLD applicants to avoid expensive auctions, but dotgay has lost two primarily on the grounds that its definition of community includes people who are not gay. Its latest RfR was pretty weak, based on a technicality about which staffers…

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  • “We’re not homophobic!” ICANN pleads as it throws out .gay appeal

    … ICANN has refused dotgay LLC’s latest appeal against adverse .gay decisions, and has taken the unusual step of preemptively defending itself against probably inevitable accusations from gay right groups. On Monday, the Board Governance Committee threw out dotgay’s Request for Reconsideration, in which the company had asked for a third crack…

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  • Booking.com uses .africa precedent to challenge .hotels ruling

    … Booking.com has become the first new gTLD applicant to publicly cite the recent .africa Independent Review Process ruling in an attempt to overturn an adverse ICANN decision. The challenge relates to the decision by ICANN, under the rules of the new gTLD program, to place applications for .hotels and .hoteis into a contention set due…

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  • .gay is gay enough after all? ICANN overturns community panel decision

    … One of the applicants for .gay has won a significant battle in the fight for the controversial new gTLD. In a shock move, a committee of ICANN’s board of directors has overturned the rejection of dotgay LLC’s Community Priority Evaluation, ordering that the case should be re-examined by a new panel of experts. As you may recall, dotgay’s CPE…

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  • ICANN overturns new gTLD objection decision!

    … ICANN has overturned a Community Objection decision, allowing a .med new gTLD applicant back into the game, after a Request for Reconsideration from the applicant. It’s the first time ICANN has overruled an objection panel during the new gTLD program and the first time in over a decade any RfR of substance has been accepted by the ICANN board…

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