• News and Ad Industries Eye Sweeping Realignment With Users (Part 2)

    … release was approved by them.) On May 7, 2015, some 27 of the invitees to the RJI “action call” assembled at 8:30 a.m. in a drab meeting room at the Chicago O’Hare Hilton. They were joined by Bill Densmore, the RJI fellow and longtime community news entrepreneur who championed the Information Trust Exchange, Randy Picht, executive director of RJI…

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  • Local News and Ad Industries Eye Sweeping Realignment With Users (Part 1)

    … of The Platforms. For Bill Densmore, a fellow at RJI who has a long career as an entrepreneurial news publisher in New England, what Gehring said summed up the publishing dilemma he had been worrying and writing about since the Internet began to take hold more than 20 years ago. The solution, Densmore has contended, will require far more than adding a lever…

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  • Media Experts Huddle to Map a Plan for the Future of Digital News

    … Digital news publishers — especially at the community level — are in a fight for survival. Most news sites get crumbs in ad revenue compared to big commercial sites like Yahoo and Autotrader. Legacy publishers of daily newspapers do have paywalls for their digital platforms, but overall only low, single-digit percentages of visitors choose…

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  • Can an ‘Exchange’ Help Solve the Problem of Monetizing Digital News?

    … at the local/hyperlocal level – as a new report from Borrell Associates shows – is flowing to commercial platforms like Autotrader and Yelp. It’s these platforms that get most of fast-growing targeted advertising aimed at specific categories of consumers. Bill Densmore, a consulting fellow at the Reynolds Journalism Institute, sees a way out…

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  • Are Community News Sites and Investors Ready for Each Other?

    … “Why can’t local news attract investment?” journalism watcher Nikki Usher asks in a recent opinion piece for the Reynolds Journalism Institute, where she is a resident fellow. “If funders don’t pump money into local news, all of the innovation that’s happening in news will simply bypass the local level.” Usher, who is an assistant professor…

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