• Advertisers Surpass Return on Ad Spend Goals by 33% Using Nanigans’ Mobile SDK [Study]

    …. To measure and optimize on in-app events, many advertisers on Facebook employ an external mobile measurement partner (MMP) to close the loop on attribution. However, the vast majority of large-scale advertisers using Nanigans take mobile measurement one step further by leveraging the integrated mobile software development kit (SDK). Nanigans…

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  • Online Advertising Acronyms And Terms Glossary

    …) – A prediction of the revenue or associated value a customer generates over time. Learn more Return on ad spend (ROAS) – A way to measure the value of your online marketing campaigns. Real time bidding (RTB) – How advertising inventory is bought and sold through a programmatic real-time auction. Software developer kit (SDK) – A set of programs…

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  • When the Best Paid Search Landing Page Isn’t the Obvious One

    At Merkle|RKG, we’ve always advocated for using paid search landing pages that match the specificity of users’ queries. Users searching for ‘iphones’ should be taken to a page featuring all of the iPhone models available, those searching for ‘white iphone 6 plus’ should land on a product page for the white iPhone 6 Plus, and so on and so forth.

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  • ROAS For Beginners: The eCommerce Metric of Choice

    …. In order to see revenue numbers within AdWords you will need to become familiar with the term "conversion value". Conversion value is the revenue from each conversion, and, with a tiny bit of editing, it can be added to the conversion tracking code placed on the website. If every conversion results in the same amount of revenue, edit the conversion value…

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  • Can You Get More Calls With a Flexible Bid Strategy?

    … There are a lot of ways to manage bids for your SEM campaigns. If you’re handling your optimizations by hand and need an assist, you might find the solution in a flexible bid strategy. Google introduced this feature early last year, then expanded it to include a strategy called Target ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) in...continue reading … The post Can You Get More Calls With a Flexible Bid Strategy? appeared first on Dex Media. …

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