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  • 8 Ways to Customize Slack for Social Media Marketers

    … about popular stories in a Slack channel. #5: Integrate RSS Feeds As a social media marketer, you need to follow multiple blogs, influencers, and official news from social platforms to stay on top of industry news, and subscribing to RSS feeds will help you do that. Every time new content pops up on the blogs or sites that you follow, the RSS feeds…

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  • How to Create Twitter RSS Feeds for Better Prospecting

    … to make the list Public or Private. In this case, choose Public, which will allow you to create a Twitter widget and RSS feed for the list (as described in Step 2). Enter details for your new list. Next, add people to your lists. Search for their names or handles. When you find someone you want to add, click the gear icon next to their information…

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  • It’s Time to Raise Your RSS Feed From the Dead

    …. Note: If you’re lost – here’s an article on what an RSS feed is. I was shocked when I viewed our old Feedburner account to see that there were still 5,000+ users who were viewing our content via our feed every day… wow! And when I started to look at other sites, they had 50,000+ readers on some of the blogs. Here are a few things we’ve done to raise…

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  • How to Create a Better Excerpt RSS for Your Blog

    … a full feed RSS for this blog and up until recently, I did the same for my blog too. However, after dealing with too many scrapers and issuing too many DMCA notifications, I just got tired of dealing with that mess and decided to switch to an excerpt RSS feed (sometimes called a summary feed) instead. The default summary RSS generated…

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  • How To Turn An RSS Feed Into A Newsletter PDF

    … Turn Your RSS Feed Into A PDF Newsletter Did you know that you can rapidly and easily turn any RSS feed into a super cool newspaper style newsletter PDF? Well, I didn’t either until recently when I came across a nifty tool by Five Filter that lets you quickly convert any RSS feed into a newspaper format PDF. This lets you do some really…

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  • How To Get An RSS Feed For Your Facebook Group

    Facebook Group RSS Feeds! If you’ve been investigating this situation for any time at all, you’ve likely already discovered that Facebook does NOT provide a build in RSS feed for their Facebook groups. This can be a source of a lot of headaches. However, this is partially done because groups exist behind a login protection and groups that are not classed as “open” should nev ...

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