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  • How To Write A Blog Worth Reading

    When you LOVE to blog, and people LOVE to read your blog... “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” ~ Benjamin Franklin How To Write A Blog Worth Reading I'm going to make this short & simple for you, because you could easily complicate the heck out of it... but that's really not necessary. So here you go: 1. Blog on a topic you ENJOY 2.

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  • How To Find GREAT Blog Post Ideas – Fast!

    … If you want an EASY way to come up with great blog post ideas, you'll love this tip! Not only will it give you endless content ideas, it will make blogging a total breeze. "Stop Blogging, Start Talking." Blogging can be difficult. Talking is EASY. Especially if you love your topic! But how do you come up with those great blog post topics…

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  • Struggling to find TIME to blog? Read this…

    …, how to MAKE it work for you, plus other common issues bloggers face - and how to get over them... Make Blogging A HABIT The real issue is in how we prioritize our time and tasks. We all have the same 24 hours in a day to work with, so there will always be things in our life and business that we don't get to. There simply isn't enough time to do…

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  • Are Blogs Dying? Should You QUIT Blogging?

    … online for well over a decade. I'm coming up on my 20th year in business, and I've been blogging for more than 11 years. Tawnya Sutherland is the market leader in the VA industry. She runs the largest Virtual Assistant Network on the web. If you're looking to find a great VA, or outsource a few tasks, click here. Tawnya and I have become GREAT…

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  • Blogging Tips From A Professional Blogger

    … Read This Quick Note... This is a very casual, candid video taken during a fun lunch with a group of bloggers in Connecticut. It's an Open Q&A on blogging success, blog marketing, blog traffic, how to stand out in your niche, and more. I hope you enjoy joining us for lunch! If you have any blogging questions, you can leave a comment…

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  • 6 Fun, Creative Ways To Monetize Your Blog!

    …. Maybe the product is awesome, but there’s a recurring charge or subscription that isn’t obvious. Tell them about it and let them know how to avoid those charges. Can they can order the product on Amazon or eBay (through your affiliate link!) instead of ordering from the infomercial or merchant site, and just get the item directly without enrolling…

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  • Want To Make More Money With Your Blog?

    …. If you've been selling advertising on your blog or site already, you'll discover how you can improve your ad revenue easily and also boost your credibility - dramatically. I share super-creative strategies that are very simple, but will really help you stand apart in your niche when it comes to selling ads & scoring paid blogging gigs. You can…

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  • Making Money With Brands & Sponsors

    … In the last four weekly training modules of my Niche Success Blueprint series, I've been going into great detail about how to attract brands and sponsors, and form (very!) profitable relationships with advertisers in your niche. This is a great source of additional revenue for almost any blog or niche site, and one I use myself of course, so I've…

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  • The Pros and Cons of Blog Comments

    … Copyblogger recently announced they removed blog comments, giving three reasons they made the decision. Following the Guest Blogging Penalty discussion, some have wondered if this was a preventative or protective measure - if it's a sign they believe Blog Comments may be targeted by Google next. I don't believe the two are related…

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  • Google Takes Action Against Guest Blogging

    … the Guest Blogging Network that was penalized, it quickly became obvious that he was referring to He links to his post titled The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging (which he later edited to add "for SEO"). The most quoted bit from that post being: "So stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done;" The biggest concern being…

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  • Blog Setup: How To Write A Blog

    … Content or basic "how-to" blog posts in one place. Once you create your Pages and your Core Content, simply start blogging (sharing tips and resources) in each of the Categories you set up. See: Setting Up WordPress Categories & Using Tags Post Length & Blogging Frequency There is no "best publishing frequency" but the more you blog…

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