• Double-charging claims as registries ramp up new gTLD refund demands

      Registry operators have stepped up demands for ICANN to dip into its $100 million new gTLD cash pile to temporarily lower their “burdensome” accreditation fees. A new missive from the Registries Stakeholder Group to ICANN this week also introduces a remarkable claim that ICANN may have “double charged” new gTLD applications to the tune of potentially almost $10 million.

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  • Pilot program for Whois killer launches

    … ICANN is to oversee a set of pilot programs for RDAP, the protocol expected to eventually replace Whois. Registration Data Access Protocol, an IETF standard since 2015, fills the same function as Whois, but it is more structured and enables access control rules. ICANN said this week that it has launched the pilot in response to a request last…

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  • No $17 million rebate for struggling new gTLDs

    … funds from the New gTLD Program applications fees. It seems for now the hundreds of new gTLDs with far fewer than 10,000 registrations in their zones are going to keep having to fork over $25,000 a year for the privilege. Tweet Tagged: ICANN, new gTLDs, rysg …

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  • Crocker: no date on next new gTLD round

    … ICANN will NOT set a date for the next round of new gTLD applications, despite recent pleas from registry operators. That’s according to a letter (pdf) from ICANN chair Steve Crocker to the Registries Stakeholder Group published today. The RySG had asked (pdf) last month for ICANN’s leadership to set a fourth-quarter 2018 deadline…

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  • New gTLD registries want a $17 million ICANN rebate

    …, currently stashed in an ICANN war chest valued at nearly $100 million. The RySG, in a letter to ICANN (pdf), also asked for $3 million from the fund to be used to pay for advertising the availability of new gTLDs. “These measures combined would support ICANN’s mission to promote competition for the public interest and operational interoperability…

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  • Registries rebel against ICANN’s Whois upgrade decree

    … Registry operators are challenging an ICANN decision to force them to launch a new Whois-style service, saying it will cost them too much money. The Registries Stakeholder Group has filed a Request for Reconsideration — a low-level appeal — of a decision asking them to launch RDAP services to complement their existing Whois. RDAP…

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