• New gTLD registries want a $17 million ICANN rebate

    … Many gTLDs are performing more poorly than expected and their registries want some money back from ICANN to compensate. The Registries Stakeholder Group this week asked ICANN for a 75% credit on their quarterly fees, which they estimate would cost $16.875 million per year. The money would come from leftover new gTLD application fee money…

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  • Registries rebel against ICANN’s Whois upgrade decree

    …, Registration Data Access Protocol, is being broadly touted as the successor to Whois. It offers the same functionality — you can query who owns a domain — but the data returned is more uniformly structured. It also enables access control, so not every user would have access to every field. The RySG now claims that ICANN is trying to sneak an obligation…

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