• Safari Making Huge Changes to Advertising

    … Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) took place with a lot of new information for Apple enthusiasts to salivate about. For marketers, there were a couple key points that marketers really need to be aware of, both related to the Safari browser. Intelligent Tracking Prevention First, Apple announced that the Safari browser…

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  • Mozilla Launches Firefox Focus Private Web Browser for iOS

    … Mozilla announced the release of Firefox Focus, a private web browser for iOS devices. The application was designed to block ad trackers and other trackers that “follow” users around the web. The Firefox Focus browser contains no traditional tabs, menus or pop-ups. Instead, when users open the app, they are presented with a text-entry field…

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  • Lazarus – Restore Lost Forms, Comments & Posts!

    …/detail/lazarus-form-recovery/loljledaigphbcpfhfmgopdkppkifgno Lazarus is officially Mozilla recommended, top rated and downloaded more than 500,000 times!). The Firefox version is a little better than the Chrome version due to Firefox letting the plugin interface more directly. If you’ve ever had one of those “oh $*#@” moments when you’ve…

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