Sales Cycle

  • 5 Killer Questions to Woo Prospective Customers

    … is that the answers come out of the customer’s mouth. They will believe them! You telling them is simply less persuasive… and it’s pushy. Pull your customers through the middle and latter stages of their purchasing cycle. Pull them into your funnel with simple, compelling messages. Then go deeper in sales with killer questions. What killer questions did you wish you asked your last customer? What type of questions have you found work best on your social properties vs. in person? …

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  • How Content Completes The Sales Cycle

    … In terms of the sales process, we often think of content as being geared towards generating leads and attracting prospects. Marketers use content to get leads to the first stages of the sales cycle, and then salespeople take over to push them down the funnel. The legacy of disconnect between marketing and sales teams means there’s also…

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  • Connect Content Strategy to the Customer Journey

    …, LookBookHQ and Eloqua found that about 50 percent are attempting to associate content creation with the buyer journey. Is your content strategy moving in this direction? No one content strategy is universal, so begin by taking inventory of your business, buyer personas and sales cycle, even before you starting mapping content ideas. Determine Cycle…

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