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    • The Content Marketing Journey, in 3 Stages

      I’ve worked at the same company for the past three and a half years, but it feels, at times, like I’ve worked for three different companies. That’s just the nature of startups; you’re reinventing yourself more than Madonna in the ’80s. Contently’s mission is still the same as when I joined in 2013.

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    • 13 Examples of How Site Speed Impacted Business Results

      We’ve written quite a bit about the factors that impact your website’s ability to load quickly and shared how slower speeds hurt your business. I’m honestly surprised by the number of clients we consult with that spend enormous amounts of time and energy on content marketing and promotion strategies – all while loading them on a substandard host with a site that’s not optimized to load quickly.

      Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blogin How To's- 28 readers -
    • You’re Probably Spending More Time Managing Data Than Marketing

      Yesterday, I shared how we batch loaded an entire year of social updates via Hootsuite. While quite a bit of work went into the research, our team spent quite a few hours just massaging the data and making it a file that could be uploaded. Even after we passed all validation checks, we had to then manually go through and select or add media to display in each social update.

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  • 5 Steps to Winning at Account-Based Marketing

    … been around for as long as marketing has. It’s a strategy that treats each account as a market one, allowing for total cohesion between sales and marketing. Today, it’s being more readily employed by marketers due to the increased use of interconnected data and robust analytics within marketing. On top of that, data is becoming more real-time…

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  • Kaon AR: A B2B Augmented Reality Platform

    … Kaon Interactive is a provider of 3D interactive sales and marketing engagement applications. Available on the Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform�, Kaon AR� is the first B2B marketing application that enables companies to place a fully scaled 3D digital representation of their physical product in their customers� actual environment. On Tango…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 18 readers -
  • 14 Factors Impacting Your Website Load Speed

    … We were meeting with a perspective client today and were discussing what impacts website load speed. There’s quite a battle going on on the Internet right now: Visitors are demanding rich visual experiences – even on higher-pixel retina displays. This is driving larger images and higher resolutions which are bloating image sizes. Search…

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  • 60+ Sites to Discover or Promote Startups, Apps or Tools

    … – Features new web, desktop, and mobile apps. AppVita – Featuring the best in web applications. Beta List – Beta List provides an overview of upcoming internet startups. Discover and get early access to the future. BetaPage – Browse, discover, hunt startups and new ideas. Capterra – Every month, Capterra helps thousands of businesses &…

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  • What is Brand Advocacy? How Do You Cultivate It?

    …% of all purchase decisions, Word-of-Mouth is the leading influence Tweet This! Advocacy drives $6 trillion of annual consumer spending Tweet This! What is Brand Advocacy? In marketing, a brand advocate is a person, employee, influencer, or customer who speaks favorably of a brand or product, resulting in positive word-of-mouth (WOM) messages about…

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  • What is Big Data? What Are the Benefits of Big Data?

    … and everyone could get insight into what was going on. The problem was that the database technology simply couldn’t handle multiple, continuous streams of data. It couldn’t handle the volume of data. It couldn’t modify the incoming data in real-time. And reporting tools were lacking that couldn’t handle anything but a relational query on the back…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blogin EMail- 30 readers -
  • How to Improve Your Sales Team’s Performance

    … want to target and find the right companies to work with, then have someone with enough savvy to pull them through the door. For those of you with a sales team, this infographic from Healthy Business Builder provides 10 Ways to Improve Your Sales Performance. Sales inefficiency can trickle deep down on your business and can lead to serious…

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  • 7 Reasons Why Lead Forms are Dead

    … forms. Not only will the overall look of the interactive lead form stand out in a person’s mind, but the actual experience (the assessment, the trade-appraisal, the quiz, the game, etc.) is memorable and something that your competitors probably aren’t doing…. yet. 6. Static Lead Forms Can’t Capture the Amount of Data Digital Marketers Need What…

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  • Selling Online: Detecting Your Prospect’s Buying Triggers

    … want to fix their problems – which of course, may encourage them to buy. The fix it call-to-action is geared towards making your prospect’s problem go away. Quick Sprout has a great fix it call-to-action on their home page. They identify the problem: you don’t have enough traffic. Want to fix it? Then sign up. The fix it call-to-action can…

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  • 13 Ways that Content Is Monetized Online

    … A good friend contacted me this week and said that he had a relative that had a site that was getting significant traffic and they wanted to see if there were a means of monetizing the audience. The short answer is yes… but I don’t believe the majority of small publishers recognize the opportunity or how to maximize the profitability…

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  • How to Avoid & Destroy Silos that are Bad for Your Content Strategy

    … interest for a content team to work independently from other marketing functions, sales and customer success – all three use content in their daily jobs and can provide important information that can help a content marketer be better at their job. By identifying the silos that hold back content production, amplification, and other elements important…

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  • Why You Should Ditch Your Elevator Pitch

    … In preparation for events that we’ll be doing this year, our VP of Business Development – a master networker – Harrison Painter, and I were discussing everything that we hated about networking events. Top on the list was hard selling and elevator pitches. At times, I attend these events, and it feels as though someone rang a buzzer and everyone…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 17 readers -
  • Clarity Attacks Buzzwordsmithiness On Contact

    … bullshitter. Every time Steve shared a nonsense phrase from a website, I found myself opening the browser to make sure he didn’t get it from DK New Media! As a result, I was motivated to fix the home page. I went over in my head why companies continue to use our agency, and it all came down to one thing… we fix what’s broken with their online…

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