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A sales process is an approach to selling a product or service. The sales process has been approached from the point of view of an engineering discipline (see sales process engineering).
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  • Is Your Content Marketing Designed for the New Customer Journey?

    …. As a result, content marketing has emerged as an incredibly effective way to arm consumers with the information they seek and need, increase brand awareness, enhance engagement, and ultimately inspire action and conversions. But content marketing isn’t about creating and sharing as much content as possible. It’s about creating quality content…

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  • How To Set Up Your Sales Funnel To Make Money On Repeat

    … If you run any kind of online business, then one thing you really need to have in place is a good sales funnel that can automate your sales process for you so that you can actually create the freedom you desire in, both time and money. Now, just before I get into it, I want to be honest and say that what I’m going to show you here…

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  • The key to strategic content

    …, but strategic content is far more effective. In most instances this usually comes through taking the time to invest in a content strategy, but as the stats show most people aren’t working towards a strategy. If you are creating content already, below are a few tips to help move customers through the sales funnel. How is your content any different…

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  • 4 Marketing Mistakes That Are Keeping Your Business Down

    … recognize these factors lead to successful marketing. You do not have to reinvent the wheel while devising a marketing strategy. Failing to Build a Sales Funnel Few people purchase products on an impulse. And even though some do, it is important to realize that reaching out to these same customers for a repeat purchase is cheaper than targeting a new…

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  • 10 Tips for Effectively Collecting Feedback in Online Ordering Funnels

    … understanding of the journey your clients take when buying a product or service on your website or app. The ‘right feedback’ is better described as ‘qualitative information;’ this is the most helpful and relevant data to guide your business and its sales funnel towards growth and customer retention. Overall, it is vital that feedback requests are relevant…

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  • 3 Pro Tips for Improving Inbound Leads

    …. It could be a CFO or the Vice President of Human Resources. Whoever your buyer is, it's important to understand what makes them tick and what's important to them. By targeting your inbound lead generation content offers and conversion paths to your ideal customer profile and buyer personas, you will improve the quality of leads you produce…

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  • The Cure to CMOs’ Top 3 Concerns: Smarter Content Marketing

    … and likes—metrics that offer limited value for brand publishers. There’s no one metric to rule them all, but that’s a good thing. As we detailed in “4 Keys to Calculating ROI for Content Marketers,” the ROI around content can be accurately calculated once you truly understand the modern always-on sales funnel, track and measure brand lift…

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