Sales Funnels

  • How to Use Storytelling to Build a Sales Funnel

    … are like staircases. They lead your customers toward buying your product or service, one step at a time. As you can imagine, this process can end up looking incredibly different, depending on your business, but the overall idea is the same. Through the years of helping businesses with their copywriting, there is one common mistake I see over and over…

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  • Understand This BEFORE You Start Your Business

    … customers from your competitors. Starter’s Guide In order to discover whether your product can find it’s market fit, you have to get out there and engage with potential customers. You have to get the ball rolling in order to have any chance at building traction. Here’s a starter guide to getting that ball rolling. 1. Define your value proposition…

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  • Smart Sales Funnels Are Coming – Are You Ready?

    The future of online marketing is arriving now… And it’s about to transform the way you sell your products and services online. But who am I and why should you care what I have to say on this topic? Well, I’m the founder of a Web marketing agency called Petovera that specializes in custom landing page and website sales funnel design.

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