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  • 12 steps to write a sales page for your first product

    … In a recent survey, someone asked, “Help me to write a sales page for at least one service or product to get me started.” That person also asked for a simple list — 1. Do this. 2. Do this. 3. Do this. Here is a blueprint for selling your first product. In a previous post, I provided some ideas for low-cost products. These are a good way…

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  • Why You Should Sell an Ebook on a Single-Column Sales Page

    … (including ones I bet you didn’t think of) and how you can use it as a “skill builder”: Links & Resources The Impact System – everything you need to know about creating and selling your first product. The Grind – the underlying principle behind all this: build your skills via real-world practice (and why this is really the only skill you need in life…

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  • 20 Ways to Increase Your Sales Page Conversion

    … Nobody likes to write sales pages. Well, except copywriters, of course! They spend hours and hours writing something that can make or break a product. They are damn good at it, and they charge accordingly. But you are not a copywriter, because you don’t like writing sales pages. They are no fun for the most part. All the headline madness…

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