Sales Strategy

  • A Rookie’s Guide to CES

    …: “Stay at one of the nicer motels. Everyone is at the big casinos. You won’t fight for lines at motels.” —Christina Babbits, VP of Sales at The Wall Street Journal 2. Pad your plans Vegas really throws your perspective off. Everything is so big that it’s hard to realize that “next door” really means 2.8 miles away. Couple…

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  • This Simple Trick Will Help You Read People Better

    … for it. But it’s not necessary to become chameleons just because we know a little bit about reading people. Simply understanding what kind of a person someone else is—and that it’s okay to be in a different quadrant—helps us be less judgmental and have more empathy in conflict. And who couldn’t use a little more of that? …

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  • Transforming Your Sales through a Multi-Threaded Approach

    …. Material in this context would typically affect multiple facets of the organization, including: The go-to market strategy (channels, marketing, products, pricing, target audience) The supporting infrastructure (sales ops, processes, technology) People-related factors such as selling skills and hiring plans In most cases, transformation…

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