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  • How Much Does Outsourcing Social Media Cost?

    … These last few weeks, we’ve been analyzing the products and services that we offer our clients. As an agency, we do have some economies of scale in working with tools and expertise that we can share among clients – but those advantages must still provide the additional value necessary to accommodate agency pricing. We have little doubt…

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  • How to Write A Title That Makes Visitors Engage

    …, How to Write Powerful Headlines That Demand Attention. In it, they speak to utilizing the following methodology. SHINE Method of Writing Good Titles S – Be specific about the topic that you’re writing about. H – Be helpful. Providing value to your audience increases their faith and trust in you as an authority. I – Be immediately…

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  • How to Research the Best Hashtags

    … shared. Just as keywords are critical to search, hashtags are critical to searches in social media. One of our most popular posts is our list of hashtag research tools available on the web. But how does a marketer utilize one of those tools to identify the best hashtags possible to increase their social media update’s visibility. The reason why…

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  • How to Use Social Media for Small Business

    …. In this post, we look at strategies to create an effective social media strategy with minimal resources. Kristi Hines, Salesforce Canada Blog Salesforce has broken down a social media strategy for small business to 5 basic stages. Set Realistic Goals Choose the Right Networks to Achieve Your Goals Focus on the Activity that Will Help You…

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  • 3 Rules of Psychology in Sales and Marketing

    …. This infographic from Salesforce Canada touches on the psychology of sales and marketing and presents 3 rules that may help you (and us) do a better job of marketing and sales: Emotions play a huge role in purchasing decisions – trust is imperative so your brand recognition, web presence, online authority, reviews and even your pricing (too…

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