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  • 4 Creative Email Marketing Campaigns That Inspire Action

    … MarketingSherpa, 7 in 10 people have made purchases influenced by email marketing. Interestingly, that study also found that the vast majority that do purchase, are not just making purchases online. While it’s true that some businesses do not fit under the in-store or “over the phone” model, many do. A well developed email campaign will solve a pain…

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  • Stand Out or Don’t Bother: Sally Hogshead on Harnessing Your Fascination Advantage

    … Why is Jägermeister the bestselling liquor brand that no one likes? Because it’s toxic taste is what sets it apart from all the other liquor choices behind the bar. The worst it tastes, the more people talk about it. That creates a unique experience that people seek out. This illustrates what Sally Hogshead suggested in her opening keynote…

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  • An Introvert’s Guide to Feeling More Fascinating

    … of (and reprinted with permission from) the How to Fascinate Blog. A quick introduction from Sally Hogshead: A little over a year ago, a young woman walked into our office for a job interview. She wasn’t outgoing and bubbly. In fact, she almost didn’t make eye contact with me. She was cautious and private. Yet while she wasn’t outgoing and bubbly, her…

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  • Branding Yourself in 3 Words or Less

    … peeps, Sally Hogshead, goes even deeper using a systematic approach to uncovering your exceptional qualities. Sally explains, “I was that expert. I’ve created brand messages for some of the biggest brands in world. Companies paid me handsomely to find the perfect words for their brand. “Imagine if a focus group of 100,000 professionals describes…

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  • Marketing You: How to Play to Your Unique Strengths

    … Do you struggle when it comes to marketing yourself? Are you wondering what your unique strengths are? To learn how to promote yourself based on these strengths, I interview Sally Hogshead for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast. Keep reading to discover more. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is a show…

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