Salon is a progressive news website created by David Talbot in 1995 and part of Salon Media Group (OTCQB: SLNM). It focuses on U.S. politics and current affairs, and on reviews and articles about music, books and films.Salon's headquarters is located near downtown San Francisco, California. As of June 2013, its editor-in-chief is David Daley, after previous editor-in-chief Kerry Lauerman stepped down to partner with Larer Ventures on a new startup. Lauerman's predecessor Joan Walsh stepped down from that position in November 2010 but remained as editor at large.
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  • Could Cancelling “The Interview” Be Sony’s Best Marketing Move Yet?

    ….” Speculators on wonder, “Is the plot against ‘The Interview’ a hoax?” Americans love their freedom, and being told that they can’t do something because another country doesn’t like it hasn’t exactly gone over well in the past (does this really need a link?). If Sony sets a new release date or chooses a direct-to-television…

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  • 5 ways publishers can optimize their native

    … data as a key indicator because readers who scroll further down are more engaged and, therefore, more valuable. Whatever the metric, success and failure must be clearly defined before any native advertising initiative is rolled out. Know your narrative. With many of today’s brands fighting over how “innovative” or “disruptive” they are, brands…

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