Sam Owen

Samuel Liam "Sam" Owen is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Louis Tamone. He first appeared in 2004, before the character was killed off in 2006 in the well-known fire at The Dog.
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    … site, you’re wasting money. So, what conversion rate should you be realistically shooting for? Is your average conversion rate a good one? Well, these questions are so difficult because it’s so entirely relative. For instance, we have an account in our MCC that has a 28% conversion rate, but they’re still struggling because they only make…

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    Growing a company’s revenue with a good ROI is basically the goal for every marketing venture. The method and strategies vary from case to case, but mostly they all boil down to an effort to increase profits. It’s important that as digital advertisers, we align ourselves with that end goal in our own efforts.

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    If you care about a great return on your investment and giving your users what they want quickly, then you should care about conversion rate optimization (CRO). Maybe you already do, you just don’t know how to get started. Never fear, PPC Hero is here! In the webinar recording, our experts discuss how you can get started in CRO, what tools you should be using, how to do an in ...

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  • Conversion Matters: Getting Started With CRO [New Webinar!]

    … be using, how to do an initial analysis, factors of good landing pages, how to test, and more! By the end, you should have what you need to get started on your own. Join Hanapin’s CRO experts, Sam Owen and Roopa Carpenter, in this great introduction into the world of conversation rate optimization. You’ll get expert-level PPC tips like: Presented By Hanapin Experts Roopa Carpenter Sam Owen September 29, 2014…

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  • [Webinar Recording] Landing Page Games: Science vs Magic

    … In this new contest from PPC Hero, participants were pitted against each other in two brackets, the science bracket and the magic bracket. The first round was the reader vote where YOU got to decide who advanced to the final rounds for the live webinar. In the recording, Hanapin Marketing’s CRO expert, Sam Owen, and Guest Judge, Tommy Walker…

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