For the parable, see Parable of the Good Samaritan. For other uses, see Samaritan (disambiguation).The Samaritans (Samaritan Hebrew: ࠔࠌࠓࠉࠌ Samerim "Guardians/Keepers/Watchers [of the Law/Torah]", Jewish Hebrew: שומרונים‎ Shomronim, Arabic: السامريون‎ Sāmeriyyūn) are an ethnoreligious group of the Levant, descended from ancient Semitic inhabitants of the region.Religiously the Samaritans are adherents of Samaritanism, an Abrahamic religion, the most closely related to Judaism.
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  • How to Create Fruitful Co-Marketing Relationships

    … with numbers of social tweets, retweets, favorites, likes, pins, and +1s to determine which networks are working the best. This review process will help both of you understand how to do better moving forward. 5. Pay it forward Co-marketing is like good samaritanism. It should be done out of the kindness of your own heart. You should do it to help your…

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