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  • C-Level SEO – Metrics that Matter – Part 3

    …Metrics that influence brand engagement, brand perception, revenue and customer retention Editor’s Note: This is part three of a three part series on digital marketing metrics. Part one can be found here, and part two can be found here. CUSTOMER RETENTION Digital marketing can help any ecommerce site do more than just acquire leads and build…

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  • C-Level SEO – Metrics that Matter – Part 2

    … sentiment among users. Analytics that measure brand perception: sentiment and bounce race Sentiment Sentiment analysis is the process of determining and measuring the feelings, emotions and perceptions users have of a brand. When paired with other measurement tools, sentiment analysis can help marketers think strategically, appeal to motivations…

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  • C-Level SEO – Metrics that Matter – Part 1

    … that are already delivering users to a site, you can continue to grow that base. For example, if Facebook is referring the majority of your site traffic, it’s important to consider what it is about Facebook users that might appeal to your content, products or services. Sara Flick is the director of content strategy and public relations at ZOG Digital…

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  • Digital Trends and Impact on Healthcare Marketing

    … consumers to further information, they are participating in the ongoing conversations that emerge all over the digital landscape. CONTENT THAT ACKNOWLEDGES WELLNESS AS A HOLISTIC PROCESS AND ANSWERS KEY QUESTIONS FOR CONSUMERS Brand recognition starts early. In terms of healthcare, this means providing content to targeted users based on the various…

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  • 4 ways to build engaging videos

    … in a different survey by Forbes Insights noted that video content is preferred to text. ZOG Digital’s Sara Flick shared these insights and more with FierceCMO. ———— Everyone loves a good online video binge. The very mention of YouTube is likely to send many into a dark hole of pets playing musical instruments and kids sinking blindfolded baskets…

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  • Why Social Media is the Key to Unlocking Brand Loyalty

    … With each social media success, the power of a brand’s social media presence to build loyalty can grow both in size and scope, making investments into social media profiles a must for any business. This article was originally published on —————— By Sara Flick, Director of Content Strategy and Public Relations at ZOG Digital…

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