Alternative medicine is any practice that is put forward as having the healing effects of medicine but is not based on evidence gathered using the scientific method. It consists of a wide range of health care practices, products and therapies, using alternative medical diagnoses and treatments which typically have not been included in the degree courses of established medical schools or used in conventional medicine. Examples of alternative medicine include homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, energy medicine and acupuncture.
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    • Craigslist used in multi-million dollar real estate scam

      Real estate scams are nothing new for craigslist. They’ve been going on for almost as long as the website has been around. As we’ve detailed in the past, the way these scams normally work is someone posts an ad for a property for rent at a price often deemed too good to be true. The scammer then usually offers some excuse as to why they can’t show the home and asks for some ki ...

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    • Fake lift ticket scams hitting the slopes

      With winter weather hitting the country hard recently, a number of people are using it as an opportunity to hit the ski slopes in many of the nation’s ski resorts. Unfortunately, scammers are also using this opportunity to defraud those looking for a fun time in the snow. In Colorado, there have been reports of phony lift tickets being sold on craigslist.

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  • Beware the phony iPhone X

    … to have been verified. The man paid under the list price of $1000 which should have been a tip-off. No one is selling an iPhone X at a loss. The scam became obvious when the man fired up the phone and an Android prompt greeted him. Android is the Google made operating system used by most phones that aren’t iPhones, while iPhones use Apple’s iOS. These…

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  • Family tricked into buying fake World Series tickets from craigslist

    … How about that World Series huh? A lot of people have been calling one of the best World Series in a long time. Wouldn’t it have been great to see the thrilling nail biter game 5 live in Houston? Or how about the possible Astros victory during game 6 in Los Angeles tomorrow night. You might be thinking about running out to try to get tickets…

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  • The cost of online rental scams

    … A number of people tend to think that the real estate rental scams that take place online are no big deal. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Currently, southwestern Florida is experiencing a surge in these rental scams. The scam is the same one that’s been plaguing certain classifieds sites for years. A con artist, or artists, will copy…

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  • Camper full of bees

    … work at all. That was after they discovered the beehive that filled the trailer with bees overnight. Here is a dramatic reenactment of the discovery. All joking aside, after the campers were sold to them, the family found themselves with little recourse. The website they used said they wouldn’t intervene since the ad had been deleted. The seller…

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  • Beware the camper scam this summer

    … During the summer months, a lot families like to go camping and to do that, a number of families will look online to buy a camper they can tow behind their car or truck. Online fraudsters are acutely aware of this fact and will use their usual tricks of the trade to try to scam you out of thousands of dollars. For example a man in Colorado…

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  • Google ad for Amazon was actually link to scam site

    … Google ad for Amazon was actually link to scam site Many tech news sites are reporting that there was a false ad for Amazon this past week when you searched for the retail giant on Google. The ad, that would come first in the search results, did not take you to Amazon, but instead took to you to a site that tried to perpetrate a tech support…

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  • Beware of new twist on rental scam

    … Beware of new twist on rental scam Previously, if you’ve responded to an ad for a rental property from less than reputable classifieds sites, you may have come across a certain scam. The scam artists posing as the renter would say that you can’t see the property due to dubious reasons but would ask you for a rather large deposit…

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  • Beware of fake ski lift tickets in Colorado

    … Beware of fake ski lift tickets in Colorado Authorities in Colorado are saying that they are seeing a rash of fake ski lift tickets being sold online. They’re allegedly being sold on a less than reputable classifieds site whose name we won’t mention but you can pretty much guess who it is. If you’ve ever been skiing, you know how expensive…

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  • Beware of fake emails pretending to be from Netflix

    … Beware of fake emails pretending to be from Netflix Internet security experts are saying that there is a new scam happening that purportedly targets Netflix users. In what’s known as a phishing attack, people are receiving emails claiming to be from Netflix saying that they need your personal info to be updated. Of course, the info they’re…

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  • Jason A. Kotzker Pay Day Scammer Banned for Life by FTC

    … The Federal Trade Commission has successfully taken down another Pay Day Scammer, Jason A. Kotzker. He had been charged by the feds in this case for selling personal information from people who thought they were applying for payday loans online and sold it to a scam that tapped consumers’ bank accounts and credit cards without consent. Scammer…

    Pace Lattin/ Performance Marketing Insider- 16 readers -
  • Cashier Myricks Jr. Busted Again But Still Scamming

    … Scammer Cashier Myricks. Let’s step into the world of a modern-day high-tech entrepreneur who became a millionaire off unsuspecting suckers, not once but twice. But as good as he was, he was also bad. He was tagged by the Federal Trade Commission, not once but twice, 10 years apart on two different kinds of computer schemes. His latest fine…

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  • The Problem With Email And Shared Hosting

    … Hands down, the most common reason for my team and I to get cursed out or to see tempers flare is over hosting email accounts for businesses. Obviously, being able to send and receive email is a very important part of any hosting package, especially those that use it to conduct business. In the late […] The post The Problem With Email And Shared…

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  • Amazon Email Scam Has Consumers On High Alert

    … Amazon Email Scam Has Consumers On High Alert November 25, 2016 by Meagan Freeman Leave a Comment A new Amazon phishing scam is causing some concern among holiday shoppers and the online shopping giant is warning their customers to use caution. Amazon warns that the victims explained that they received an email claiming that there…

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  • FTC Pursues Fake Tech Support Scammers

    … Access Technical Support LLC, Source Pundit LLC, Global Smind LLC, VGlobal ITES Pvt. Ltd, Helios Digital Media LLC and as being affiliated in some part with the scam. An FTC senior public affairs specialist Jay Field states, “The FTC has brought cases against numerous tech support scammers over the last four years.” The FTC has successfully…

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