• Beware of scams in the wake of Hurricane Harvey

      Natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey often bring out the best in humanity with many people donating time, money, resources and even blood to help the victims who have been ravaged by the storm. Unfortunately, it also brings out the worst in humanity with people trying to not only scam the victims of the storm, but those who are willing to open their hearts and wallets to the victims.

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    • With new iPhones comes old scams

      It can hardly be argued that no company has a more loyal userbase than that of Apple. While the days of camping out in front of Apple stores may be a thing of the past, that doesn’t stop the devoted Apple fans from wanting to get their hands on Apple’s latest device as soon as possible and as cheaply as possible.

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    • New season for the Netflix phishing scam

      Much like the flu, phishing scams have their own seasons as well. They’ll go away for a while, lay low, then start sending out their legitimate looking emails again. These emails look like they come from legitimate websites and always ask you to update your information. This time around, the phishing emails appear to come from popular video streaming service Netflix.

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  • New wrinkle on old tech support scam appearing

    … If you’re not familiar with the tech support scam, here’s how it works. You’re on your computer, browsing the web when all of a sudden a pop-up appears. It says something to the effect of you have a virus and you need to call a Microsoft technician right away. It then provides you with a toll-free number. When you call the number, someone says…

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  • College students need an education about these scams

    …. A number of these scams are variations on scams we’ve touched on before. For example, if a student is looking for an off campus place to live and a prospective landlord asks for money in advance without letting them see the property, then it’s obviously a scam. Along the same lines, if a student has placed an online ad looking for a roommate…

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  • Watch out for this scam if you’ve lost a pet

    … to post virtual missing posters for your pet and they can be helpful. However, there are people lurking out there looking for just such an opportunity to scam you. Scammers are always on the lookout to take advantage of such tragedies. Loss of a pet is no different to them than any other moment where they seek to capitalize on your grief in order…

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  • Beware of fake eclipse glasses online

    … On August 21st of this year, a narrow path through the United States will be able to view a complete solar eclipse for roughly 3 minutes. That’s not even taking into account any weather disruptions that may occur along the eclipse’s path. With such a small window of opportunity to view a possibly once in a lifetime event you might think scammers…

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  • Denver man takes on rental scammers

    …. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate someone who wastes a scammer’s time in the same way they like to waste ours. A man in Denver was looking for an apartment on a certain disreputable classifieds site when he was contacted by a slew of scammers. Here’s how the rental scam usually works. In Denver, the scammers kept asking the man…

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  • 5 Tips for Staying Safe Online

    … The internet is a great place to do almost anything: make connections, share stories, shop, or run a business. But there’s a risk associated with using the internet, too. You can be the victim of scams designed to gather your personal information, banking information, or anything else you put on the internet. Even when you think your information…

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  • The BBB issues Summer warning about job scams

    … With the Summer fast approaching, a number of businesses will be looking for seasonal help. In turn, a number of scam artists will be looking to take advantage of those in need of employment. These con men will not just be using the sub-par pages of craigslist to find victims, but will be taking to more legitimate employment sites like Monster…

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  • Don’t pay your fines through Facebook

    … Don’t pay your fines through Facebook Recently in Detroit, a new twist on an old scam has reared its ugly head. People posing as city employees are sending messages to people on Facebook telling victims that they owe court costs to the city. Instead of mailing a check to city hall the victims are informed to wire the money in order to receive…

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  • Adaptly Execs Share Their 2017 Predictions

    … the purchasing experience with their pop-up vending machines. Co-founder and CEO Nikhil Sethi: More of these companies that were pure platforms will begin to build hardware. We’ve already seen this with Spectacles and Oculus. Pursuing hardware creates new formats and more types of experiences for people, which will ultimately create more advertising…

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  • Super Mario Scammers

    … Super Mario Scammers The character of the little Italian plumber Mario has been a mainstay of video games for over 30 years ever since his introduction as ‘Jumpman’ in the arcade classic Donkey Kong. So it should come as no surprise that when Nintendo released a Mario game for Apple devices recently, that it broke download records for iOS…

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  • ‘Tis the season to get scammed on Facebook

    … ‘Tis the season to get scammed on Facebook With Christmas fast approaching the scam artists have come out in full force, and where better to scam someone then where fake news rules supreme. In case you’re wondering, I mean Facebook. Reports are coming in about secret gift exchanges, such as the ‘Secret Wine Bottle Exchange’. In this particular…

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  • Beware of this Amazon scam on Cyber Monday

    … Beware of this Amazon scam on Cyber Monday Today is known as Cyber-Monday, an internet alternative to Black Friday. It’s supposed to be a day of deals, but it can also be a day of scams. While you wouldn’t think of being a haven for scammers it sure can be. Not unlike Ebay, Amazon has a number of third-party vendors. Some of these…

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