Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a game in which the organizers prepare a list defining specific items, which the participants – individuals or teams – seek to gather all items on the list – usually without purchasing them – or perform tasks or take photographs of the items, as specified. The goal is usually to be the first to complete the list, although in a variation on the game players can also be challenged to complete the tasks on the list in the most creative manner.According to game scholar Markus Montola, scavenger hunts evolved from ancient folk games.
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  • Having a Giveaway? Ask Yourself These Questions First

    …-tested game of scavenger hunt and incorporate social media as a way of sharing clues to the location of hidden items. Shazam! You have Tony Hawk Twitter Hunt. It turned out to be a brilliant way to keep people engaged! Know the Risks Timothy's Coffee offered free samples for following the company on social media. Two weeks after exhausting its…

    MarketingProfsin Twitter- 10 readers -
  • Halloween Forum Theme: A Very Scary Message Forum Day!

    … because it’s all in fun. HAUNTED FORUM – Why not host a haunted message forum? With a little creativity with forum page features or even posts, you could set up a visual haunted house using images, videos and links to go one way or another way to next “levels” of your haunted house. SCAVENGER HUNT – These are pretty simple to do. What you do here…

    Shawn Gossman/ Your Forum Blogin Social SEO- 9 readers -
  • The Army’s latest recruitment ploy: boy bands

    … president of digital sales during an interview. “We wanted to create a series showing how those skills, learned in the Army, could be translated to a music tour.” It’s the second series created by Live Nation and a third for AT&T is on the way. Their first project supported Ford Fiesta with an “Amazing Race” style scavenger hunt where contestants…

    Matt Van Hoven/ Digiday- 10 readers -
  • Can Snapchat Really Work for Marketing?

    … they may be more impulsive and willing to interact to a Snapchat marketing campaign, as opposed to using other image-sharing platforms to do the same. Here are the brands gaining traction through Snapchat marketing. GrubHub Food-delivery service GrubHub offered free grub to customers through its week-long scavenger hunt. Every day, the company…

    MarketingProfsin Social Twitter- 11 readers -
  • Michelin celebrates 125 years with a geocache scavenger hunt

    … The Michelin Man is out there, somewhere, waiting for you to find him. Catch him if you can. The tire company is celebrating its 125th anniversary by taking its fans on a scavenger hunt. The mission is simple: find Bibendum, its centenarian mascot (in the form of a tire-pressure gauge), through geocaching — in which participants navigate…

    Tanya Dua/ Digidayin Facebook Twitter- 11 readers -
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